Kamamarui Ramen & Don

Yesterday I had a INTENSE craving for ramen LOL. The pain was so real. What was I going to do? I was stuck in Burnaby.Was I going to resort to eating at Kawawa ramen in Metrotown? Nu. Ramen cravings deserve real ramen. So I braved the rain and trekked all the way to Royal Oak for some delicious bellay warming noodles!!

  For non-downtown ramen, Kamamarui is pretty solid. I blogged about them half a year ago here:
 Sure, it doesn't measure up to the big boys downtown, but it's still pretty decent for area! I arrived 20 mins before they opened. I'm a eager eater. A very eager eater LOL. But this place tends to get busy, so it was definitely a smart idea!

  One of my favourite dishes here is their "bomb!" it's basically a rice ball topped with a yummy concoction of seaweed and sauce! You can get a bomb with any ramen for only a few dollars more! :D

(Click to Enlarge) Their bomb and don combos are a great deal!!

Miso Ramen w/ Extra Noodles
3/5 stars
  I had their tonkotsu broth last time, so this time we tried their miso ramen! A $ saving tip for all ya penny pinchers out there: order extra noodles for $1.50 more and you have enough to serve 2 people hehe! #Ramenhack!!
  So that's what we did and the server even brought us a extra bowl without us asking! Paired with the don, we both ended up full and saved $10!! Win!
  Since we had ordered extra when the bowl arrived it looked pretty impressive in a mountainous pile topped with charshu haha. There were 5 charsiu pieces in total, more than I remember from last time!
  The charsiu pieces were lean, but not dry, with a niced charred flavour! The noodles were as good as last time, cooked perfectly bouncy and toothsome!! The broth had a definite miso hit but it was definitely one of the lighter tasting ones I've had, but it was still pretty substantial nonetheless!

Noodles for daysss :D

Mini Buta Pork Belly Don $4.50
3/5 stars
 If you get a ramen, their mini donburis are only $4.50! This was pretty good, topped with generous pieces of smokey pork belly. It was sweet-salty, and paired with the mayo, it was a yummy combo! The rice wasn't too sticky and it was just the right texture!

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