Little Monk Pretzels - Metrotown

  I've probably passed by Little Monk Pretzels 80 times (I kid you not) over the 7+ years I've lived in the metrotown area LOL. Every time we went to superstore I would look longingly at the fluffy balls of dough and silently sulk because I couldn't have any because I had a dairy allergy. 

  This place seems to be really popular because I always see people walking around with their pretzels around the mall! If you're not in the mood for pretzels, Beard Papa's is right next door!! Or you go to cinnzeo and get yourself a ooey gooey delicious cinnamon bun! 

Salt & Butter $5
1.5/5 stars
  Salt & Butta, Butta, what could be butta? Too much cheese? LOL
Anyways...contrary to the cheese, I didn't find these to be all that special. Pretty much overpriced pieces of bread. The bread was a little dense for my liking, and I found that the butter/salt wasn't very evenly distributed so some pieces were bland. This was really filling though and could have easily been a meal!

Japaleno & Parmesan $5
2/5 stars
  I liked this flavour better, there was a nice hit of japaleno from the power, and the flavours paired well with the salty cheese. Probably not something I would order again but worth trying once!

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