Opa Souvlaki - Metrotown

  Although mall food gets a bad rap from foodies and non foodies alike, mall food doesn't always equate to bad food! Unless you're at a greasy westernized chinese food stall...LOL (though I do have to admit I get those cravings!) Opa is definitely one of the better options when you find yourself hungry while shopping!! I've heard good things about their calamari, so instead of the other typical fast food burger options, I came here instead!! They even have baklava here too haha! But it's prepackaged baklava!

Calamari w/ Rice
3.5/5 stars
  For a food court, this was pretty solid! Lightly battered, crunchy, not soggy at all, and really well seasoned! It was quite a big portion to, and combined with the rice and skewer, it was a really filling meal!

Lamb Skewer $2.25
2/5 stars
  I added a skewer for an extra $2.25 and ir was huge! The lamb was a bit hard to chew, with a subtle amount of seasoning on the outside. Pretty average, but okay for what it is!

2/5 stars
  The  Tzathiki was pretty standard, not too watered down, sour, with all the right hits of spice. Overall, for a food court, they do a pretty good job!

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  1. Are you affiliated with U Magazine? The button is missing...

  2. Awesome post Selina! Love the pictures! What restaurant have you had the best calamari? Remember to add it to your Besty List! http://www.thebesty.com/vancitynoms

  3. @Anonymous I'm not affiliated with U Magazine haha! They just list me as one of their blogger "friends!" Do you mean the urbanspoon restaurant badge? Sometimes I add it later in the day when I get home because I usually publish posts on my phone! :)

    Second @Anonymous Thanks!! The "best" is subjective haha, so I'd have to think about it! :)


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