Perfect Taste DongBei Cuisine - Crystal Mall

   I've been on a hunt for a place that specializes in Dong Bei Cuisine ever since I saw the FungBros' video on Dong Bei food! You can watch the video here:  The Fung Bros are one of my favourite youtubers, they're Chinese-American and they talk about everything Asian in the context of ABCs (American Born Chinese) or CBCs rather (Canadian Born Chinese) LOL

  Dong Bei is located in the North Eastern region of China, straddling the border, in close proximity to Russia and North Korea!! It gets super cold up there so the people of Dongbei love their spicy soups, hotpots, and meat!!

  I never realized that the chinese restuarant that opened this past year on the outside of Crystal Mall was a Dongbei restaurant until my mom told me haha! And since it's so close to where we usually hang out, obviously we had to try it out! :D

  Needless to say, we weren't disappointed! The food was delish, and the service was super friendly, one of the friendliest chinese places I've been too! Ohhh, and did I mention that there's unlimited free rice?!! Good news for all ya rice buckets out there LOL!

They have pictures of their signature dishes on the menu and on their windows!

Northern Style Spicy Pork Bone
 3/5 stars
  I lovee chinese pork bone soup, it was something I had really often growing up! So naturally I had to order this hehe. And its one of their signature dishes!! It wasn't spicy at all, it was soy based, so it was more savoury-sweet. The meat was really tender and fell off the bone effortlessly! There was actually one more piece than the amount pictured, there were 5 large pieces in total!

Fu Shun Spicy Mix
4/5 stars
  Kayy, this isn't the most visually stunning dish ever LOL, but it was sooo good!! There were thick strands of glass noodles, radish, tofu, cabbage, imitation crab meat in a delicious, savoury-spicy multidimensional broth! All the ingredients tasted different mixed in the broth, which made this really interesting to eat!

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  1. can you add the cost of meal? not every restaurant provides a menu so it helps!

    1. Hi Anon! I usually do haha, but for some reason forgot to on this one! It was a really good deal, both of the dishes were only about $7! :D


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