Since school's out for winter break, I've been waking up alot later than usual haha, hence my posting-in-the-afternoon instead of my usual 9 am schedule! Just wanted to let you guys know, my apologies!! :)

  If you're an indecisive person like me...Purebread can be a painstaking experience LOL...I could spend hours in there debating over which goodie to get!  Talk about a #firstworldproblem hahaha! But alas, I could not, and the girl was waiting on me, so I had to think quick! It amazes me how people can order so quickly haha, it takes me forever to order at restaurants because everything always looks so good!!

  I came here mistakingly on a full stomach, which was a BAD idea, because I didn't have any more stomach space left for any of their delicious pastries or scones!! *cries* So I had to resort to grabbing a "small" snack! I will be back Purebread!! If I lived near this place, you betcha I would be here every morning!

  Anyways, I hope this review helps because I took pictures of all their pastries!! Just looking out for all my indecisive people out there! Now you can decide what to order before you get there! ;)

(Click to Enlarge)

Note the HUGE meringues in the back!! :D

Scone heaven!!

They have some savoury options too!

After standing at the till for 20 mins lol, here's what I got!

Salted Caramel Sandwich Cookie $3.50
2/5 stars
  Since I wasn't that hungry, I decided to get a "lighter" snack lol. This looked SO enticing in the case, but to be honest, I was disappointed. It may have just been this particular item, so I'm willing to give them another chance!! 
  I was expecting the cookie to be soft & chewy, but instead it was crumbly and really hard. It even hurt my mouth as I was eating it because the cookie was so sharp! Flavour wise, the chocolate cookie had a good hit of chocolate, and the caramel filling was really sweet. 
Hot Chocolate w/ Almond Milk
3/5 stars
  Hot chocolate has now become my drink of choice at any place that serves coffee LOL, because I am not a coffee person. The effects of caffeine last 48 hours on me which = no sleep!! Purebread version's was pretty decent, really thick, creamy, and I liked how they didn't add any sugar in it! It could've used more chocolate though, all I could really taste was the almond milk!

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  1. Great pictures! I'm really fond of Purebread. Their scones and bars in particular are to die for.

  2. Thanks Jennifer!! :)
    I was really impressed by the variety, I'll definitely be back to try their scones and bars!! :D

  3. You need to try their other stuff!!!! I've gone like 3 times already... lol

    1. Hehe I really want to! But I'm not in the area very often! :(
      Which pastries would you recommend? :)

  4. awww do you like in Burnaby? :( I really like the lemon crumble bar and the lemon sugar bun (yes I really like lemon... not sure if you do) and the cranberry cream bar! :)

  5. I second pinkmarshmellows' recommendation of the lemon crumble bar- definitely one of their tastiest offerings!

  6. @pinkmarshmellows
    I lovee lemon!! The crumble bar and sugar bun sound delish!! I was eyeing the cranberry cream bar hehe, it looks really similar to the starbucks one! :D

    haha I use to live in Burnaby with my mom, but I recently moved in with my dad, who lives in Surrey!

    Yayy I'll definitely have to try it next time!! :D I love anything lemony!


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