Red Robins - Birthday burger!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I left my laptop at my mom's house so I was pretty much out of luck! But thankfully she brought it over for me today, thanks mom!! :D

  Yesterday my mom and I headed downtown to use my free birthday burger coupon hehe! If you sign up on their website (its free) you're entitled to a free burger of your choice at any of their locations for your birthday, which is pretty dang sweet haha! I can't just turn down free food!! It's FREE!! Especially when it's worth $10!! Where else can you can a free meal these days? Even though the burnaby location is closer to us, we decided to go to the Thurlow one downtown, because its the most transit friendly! It's just steps away from Burrad Station and has an amazing view overlooking Robson St! This Red Robins has floor to ceiling windows spanning the entire restaurant, so you can get a bird eyes view of Robson St below! :)

  This Red Robins is located on the second floor of a building so its a bit hard to find, the entrance is located off to the side and you have take a flight of stairs!

Awesome spot for people watching! ;D

 Bottomless Strawberry Lemonade $4.50
 4/5 stars
  This stuff is seriously addicting. They probably put copious amounts of sugar in it but I don't care, because it just tastes so good hehe! My mom had 3 glasses of this LOL! It was really sugary, but not in an annoying way. They use real lemonade and put real strawberries on the bottom which makes it super refreshing!

Meditarranean Lamb Burger $11.99
 3.5/5 stars
 My mom had the Mediterranean burger and she really enjoyed it! The lamb was charred and flavourful (albeit a bit dry) and topped with a generous amount of feta cheese. The olives, cucumbers and tomatoes definitely made this feel alot healthier LOL. They also slathered a bunch of tatziti sauce on both sides of the bun.
  They actually gave us the lamb burger for free instead of my whiskey river burger, which was awesome, cause this one is more expensive!! So we ended up saving a dollar LOL!

 Bottomless Yam Fries $1.45
3.5/5 stars
  My mom upgraded to the yam fries for an extra $1.45! These were pretty decent, not overly starchy, lightly battered, very yam-y in flavour. It also came with a side of chipotle dip which was pretty meh lol.

Whiskey River BBQ Burger $10.99
2/5 stars
  I had one of their signature burgers, the whiskey river! It was alrighttt, I was expecting something more exciting, since its one of their signatures. The BBQ sauce wasn't that great, the smokey flavour was weak and there was too little of it. The patty itself was a bit burnt around the edges and rather dry. It was loaded with onion straws on the bottom which was probably the best part lol. The bun was nice though, it wasn't too dense and actually tasted sweet!

Steak Fries
2/5 stars
  The fries at Red Robins are okay, the main draw is that they're bottomless haha! But seriously, who could eat more than 2 servings of these? They're giant LOL! I prefer russet fries with the peels on, so these didn't really appeal to me. 

My mom's second order of yam fries! And yes, she did finish all of it! LOL my mom can eat!! ;D

I really love their signature seasoning blend they have on every table! Adds a little something extra to your fries! And it's 0 cals hehehe :D

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  1. Haha yam fries!! Are u going to add a blog roll to show who u follow?

  2. Hehe I loveee yam fries!!
    I want to add a blogroll haha, on a seperate page, but I'm not sure how!

    Hope you're having an awesome holiday btw!! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!! :D


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