Sekai Udon Bar

  I have something embrassing to admit...I use to go to Sun Sui Ya a few times a year in highschool LOL! Hey, can you blame me? I was young and naive back then, quantity over quality was everything! Stuffing my face with mediocre sushi and mushy sashimi was pure bliss! Well, let's just say, my tastebuds have matured alot since then ;)

  Well, Sun Sui Ya closed up shop a few months ago, and they were replaced with Sekai Udon Bar! Although I have a sneaking suspicion that they're the same owners lol. Regardless, this place isn't authentic, because it's run by Cantonese people, but I was curious to give it a go! 

  On another note, I'm pretty much DEAD from finals haha. I still have one today and another one tomorrow! During finals yesterday my hand started cramping and all the veins popped out because I was writing so furiously...LOL
Kake Udon $6
3/5 stars
  I got their cheapest udon, the kake udon, because I'm a cheapskate LOL! It's made with a dashi based broth. There was a plentiful amount of al dente noodles. The dashi broth was fragrant with no obvious traces of msg. The tempura flakes and the veggies added a nice texture. Overall, it was enjoyable. Would I come back to try their other udons? Based on this alone, no.

Salmon Oishi Sushi
2.5/5 stars
  Obviously this can't compare to Miku's version, but it was semi decent haha. The salmon had a  prominent seared taste, and the mayo added a subtle sweetness. The rice was vinegar based, a bit sweet, and had ginger in the centre!

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    1. Oops, my bad! The name totally slipped my memory, its been too long since my glorious high school binging days LOL! thanks for correcting me!! :D

  2. But if Sun Sui Wah bought out Sui Sha Ya ...........


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