Sunshine Taiwanese Cafe - Crystal Mall

  Guess what guyss? I finally managed to convince my mom to come with me on my foodie adventures!! Yay haha!! She usually eats at home, but now she'll be eating out with me 1-2 times a week!! :D

  My mom lives near Metrotown, but since she doesn't drive, we usually end up hanging out in the Crystal Mall/Metrotown area! I've been going to Crystal Mall almost every other week for the past 5 years LOL, and I've passed by Sunshine Cafe too many times to count, and just got around to trying it a few days ago! According to my mom, this place changed owners, and the quality and the taste has gone up substantially since!

 Taiwanese Oyster Omelette
3.5/5 stars
  I've had this dish countless times in Taiwan, but this was my first time having it in Vancouver! This was a pretty authentic version, the omelette was thin and paperlike, loaded with green onions and a few oysters, topped with a tangy, ketchup based sauce!

Spicy Fried Fish Fillet w/ Tofu
3/5 stars
  My mom had the spicy fried fish fillet which came with 3 pieces of fish, a side of rice and a few side dishes! The sauce wasn't too thick, slightly spicy, a bit sweet, and a bit tomatey! Overall for the price it was large portioned.

Side Dishes
2/5 stars
 Simple, healthy side dishes! No complaints, similar to something you could make at home! The vegetables tasted fresh and retained a nice crunch.

Seaweed Soup
3.5/5 stars
  Every combo comes with either a soup or a sweet tea of your choice! We got their daily soup, which happened to be seaweed soup! I actually really enjoyed this lol! The seaweed flavour was really potent and the soup was well seasoned. There was some bean curd in there too!



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