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  Whenever we're looking for a quick lunch, Japanese food is always at the top of our list given that there's practically a Japanese restaurant around every corner LOL. They're everywhere!! One of the best things about living in the GVR (to me) is that we have access to a seemly unlimited amount of options for sushi LOL. 

  I've heard good things about Tegoku Sushi and how they're one of the better Japanese restaurants in Surrey! Tegoku is super popular during lunch time because it's right across from Guildford Town Centre! According to a few sources this place is Japanese run but I saw a few tables with what looked  suspiciously like bibimbap and galbitang, so maybe the owners changed and its run by Koreans now (but I could be wrong!)

  The decor in here is really neat, the ceilings are really high and the inside looks like an old heritage house! My dad thought it was really cool and he kept taking pictures because it looks like our old house LOL! The main floor of the restaurant is sectioned off into booths for privacy, but they also have a sushi bar for single diners!

  When the menu arrived, we jumped on the lunch specials! All of their lunch specials are around $9-13, and they all come with sides! My dad was only interested in the bento boxes LOL. To him, bento boxes = value + variety. I like them too haha, but I prefer ordering a la carte, especially when it comes to nigiri! But my dad convinced to be get a bento to save money LOL!
My dad was like "I'm going to order the more expensive one, you can get the cheap one LMAO..."
Aightt, dad, whatever floats your boat!

My dad ordered the House Bento Box ($13.50) which included:
Ebi Sunomo
3 pieces of nigiri
Miso Soup
A side salad
Beef or Chicken Teriyaki

I got their sashimi bento ($11.50) which came with:
chicken kaarage
4 pieces of a cali roll
3 pieces of nigiri
miso soup
a side salad!

 4/5 stars
  The salad was surprisingly good!! Both of our bento boxes came with a side salad! The ginger garlic salad dressing was tangy, sweet, and garlicky! I like how they didn't cheap out and use cabbage! The greens were fresh and crunchy and weren't withered!

Chicken Kaarage
4/5 stars
  Definitely wasn't expecting this haha, the chicken kaarages that come in combos generally suck LOL! But this version was great! The batter was super light, airy, and wasn't heavy/dense or greasy at all! The chicken pieces were lean and moist, and wasn't overly seasoned!

3/5 stars
  Both of our combos came with 4 generous slices of salmon, and 2 slices of tuna! The atlantic salmon tastes really fresh with a natural flavour and is smooth to the touch! The tuna slices are pretty thick but they taste pretty bland haha, nothing a bit of soy sauce can't fix though!

4/5 stars
  The tempura was pretty impressive LOL! You can tell just from looking at the picture! The batter they use is the light and airy kind, which is my favourite! It was super crunchy, flaky, and not oily at all! It came with 2 large pieces of prawn, a piece of sweet potato, yam and pumpkin!

California Roll
2/5 stars
  This was decent, I found that the rice to be not vinegary enough. The imitation crab was tightly packed and wasn't overdressed with mayo. There wasn't too much rice and an adequate amount of filling. Taste wise, pretty standard.
3/5 stars
  The slices look really thin from this angle, but they were actually really thick! All the cuts of fish tasted really fresh, just like the sashimi! The ebi had a good snap to it, and a natural sweetness.

Beef Teriyaki
3/5 stars
  This was a huge portion, alot more than we were expecting! My dad was very pleased lol. The beef wasn't over dressed with teriyaki sauce, which a lot of places tend to overdo! The beef was reasonably tender, and sat on a bed of bean sprouts! His combo also came with a small side of rice!

Spicy Chirashi Don
3.5/5 stars
  *Sorry for the weird photo haha, I got a new camera (the Sony A5000!) and I'm currently trying to figure out its manual mode, so I took this shot using the auto mode haha! 
  Anyways, I was surprised that the chirashi don came on such a huge plate, with a huge pile of salad! The rice and the spicy sauce came seperately, which I like better, so I could adjust the spiciness to my liking! The chirashi don came with tuna, salmon, tamago, and squid!! 

Other side of the chirashi don!

Still trying to figure out the manual focus on this new camera haha!

Ebi Sumono
3.5/5 stars
 My dad's combo came with a side of ebi sumono, and he really liked it! There was a generous amount of baby shrimps, and the soup was a nice balance of sour-sweet flavours. The vermicelli was bouncy, with bite, and soaked up the flavours of the broth nicely!

Miso Soup
3/5 stars
  There wasn't a whole lot of miso flavour or tofu in it, but it wasn't overly salty and it didn't taste like msg, which is always good!

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