Bali Day 1-5 - Food & Travel Pictures!!

Before you get flooded with pictures from my Bali trip lol, I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m actually leaving for Cambodia on Jan 26 and I’m coming back on the 30th!! Insane I know LOL!! 2 places in 2 weeks with barely any breathing room in between ;D
We’re probably going to book a few more places afterwards!! Still undecided but I really want to go to Japan, Korea, Malaysia, & Singapore! I’m going to need a vacation from my vacation haha! But I’m starting school as soon as I get back…lol.

 I want to thank you guys for sticking with me and reading my blog even though I haven’t been blogging about any Vancouver restaurants haha! But rest assured I’ll be resuming my daily posting as soon as I get back home! :D

But for now, here’s all of the yummy food I ate in Bali and some awkward pictures of me posing in front of monuments LOL!! I got soo tan, and my mom was like “When we get back to Taipei people are going to judge you for getting so dark” (since asians like pale skin) and I was like “Experiences matter more to me than my skin colour. ” LOL!! 
 I’m probably going to get even tanner in Cambodia because I’m allergic to sunscreen…I’ve tried every brand, even all natural ones!

  We went with a tour guide so I had absolutely no control over what we ate and where we went haha. I probably would have gone to different places to eat but we were *strongly advised* to avoid street food because of the high likelihood of getting food poisoning (not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed cause I love street food lol.) 

Oh, and I blurred my face in most of the pictures cause we all know there are creepers out there!! Heyy, gotta stay safe, it’s the internet after all! ;D

Side Note: This post is SUPER long LOL. It took me 6 hours to edit/arrange the photos and write haha since my computer is getting really slow. The food we ate on the first two days was a bit boring, but it gets more exciting as the post processes, I promisee!! ;D  

I'm coming for ya Bali!! :D

Sorry I had to LOL!! I mean, c'mon, it's a GIANT godiva frap!! :D

Grabbed some tea while waiting for the plane! 

Canned chips in a vending machine!! That's new! :D

China Airlines plane food hehe! This was actually pretty decent. Saucy, with a little spicy, andd the noodles didn't clump together! :D Andd the bread was really fluffy and soft!

Spicy/Sour Thai Fish!! 

Some salad!

Much appreciated.


After arriving, we went for some afternoon tea at the Padma Resort!!

The resort was so pretty!! :D

Fishies!! :D

Then right after we had dinner at Rasa Nusantara!! For a buffet, the food was pretty delish!! :D

After dinner we checked into the B Hotel!! 

I had a lol moment. 

We were greeted with some lemongrass water!! Supa refreshing!! :D

Then after went to the spa for some massages!! :D

Feet washing!!

Ginger tea to replenish after the spa!! :D

Some Rupiah!! 10000 equals to $1 USD!! 

The next day we had breakfast at the hotel!! 

Various sauces!! 

Nasi Goreng!!

Mee Goreng!! 

Fried Ika!

Then after breakfast we went sightseeing and shopping at some traditional markets!!

My thoughts at this point in time: ENOUGH with the buffets already LOL!! I had absoultely no control where we were eating though :(

This was really interesting! It's oatmeal pieces with a  spicy/sweet coating!

Yummy lemongrass soup!

Enjoying some mangosteen! :D

For dinner we went to Hong Xing which serves Chinese- Indo Fusion cuisine! The verdict? Everything was mediore LOL.

Fried fish in a sweet/spicy sauce!!

Scallops in a spicy/sweet sauce!

Lemongrass curry vermecelli! This was pretty good!! :D

Stir Fried Eggplants!!

Pepper Crab!! This was super spicy!! Everyone was hacking their guts out LOL!

Ginger Steamed Fish!!

After dinner they brought us to the Hard Rock Cafe for some drinks!!

Indonesian fried peanuts!!

For breakfast we had breakfast at the hotel again!! The yellow rice was really yummy! :D

Then we went to a coffee tasting session! Bali is famous for their coffee!! 

Then we had lunch on the beach hehe!! 

Fried bean cake, crab crackers, rice, and shrimp!!

Kayaking on the shores of Bali!! 

Fried banana!! OMG this tasted like a donut hehehe. SO good!! :D


I made some new Taiwanese friends haha!

I got some tan here hehe.

Squid crackers!! Super airy and crisp!

Indonesian peanut cookie and a coconut cookie in the back!

Then we went to a department store!! This is a Singaporean bakery called Bread Talk!! So many awesome looking goodies hehe.

Being all touristy and stuff ;D

Here's where we went for dinner!

Roasted Pork - Bali Style!! I'm not sure what the other items were, but everything was pretty yummy and really spicy haha!

Fried bananas!! So good hehe, I loved anything fried!! :D

That night we moved to a Private Villa!! :D

Outdoor bath hehe!!

Our pool! :D

Being a bum ;D

Our room!

Our living room! We also had a kitchen! :D

The next day we had breakfast at the resort!

Some indonesian cakes!

Indonesian sauces!! Sambal asli, and spicy ketchup!

We also got some eggs! 

Having some afternoon snacks on our deck!!

We had some Indonesian instant noodles for lunch LOL!! Lemongrass ramen!! I wonder if we have this in T&T? 

Then after lunch we went to the spa!!

Rose petal bath & some feet washing!!

Then we went to Carrefour (there's one in Taiwan too) and checked out their bento section LOL!! 

Some exotic chip flavours!!

We had dinner on the beach while the sun was setting!! 

Instant ramen for lunch, lobster for dinner LOL!! I'm totally flexible guys ;)

There was also two pieces of fish, one mini crab, 3 clams, and some scallops!

OMG..the rice bucket was seww cute!!

Some vendors were selling grilled corn!!

Watered down orange

Can't go on vacation without some late night snacking, now can we? LOL!
Some Indonesian instant noodle soups!!

Pretty fancy eh? LOL!!

On day 5 we had breakfast at the hotel!! This is actually pumpkin/coconut paste wrapped in taro leaves!! :D

Taro cake!! :D

Coconut Rice Cake!!

Fried bread!!

Our view while having breakfast!!

Some mangosteen juice! :D

Some indonesian snacks I bought hehe! Jackfruit,salak, and mango chis!! 

Note the durian and tamarind candy!! :D

Bird's Nest & Taramind Juice!! OMG the bird nest's drink was so yummy!! :D

I found an egg flower on the ground!! :D

We lunch we had dim sum LOL! Look at how mini everything is!! Just look at the siu mai and har gow!! The ones in Van are literally twice the size!! 

They didn't use the sweet-salty soy sauce, they just used the salty kind for the rice rolls, which was a bit odd haha.

Just look at how mini the pieces are haha! SO CUTEE!! :D

Heading back to Taipei!! I actually like plane food now LOL!! I actually get excited when I see the flight attendent pushing the cart down the aisle :D
I had fish w/ taro leaves!! 

This pudding was actually salty!!

My mom had a meat dish of some sort haha!

Some sambal asli sauce!!

Some goodies I bought back with me from Bali!! :D
 A cute little woven box!

Some frangipani essential oil!!

A pair of shorts I bought at the market!! :D

And last but not least, a beautifullll Indonesian sarong!!! :D


  1. Now that was LOOOONG ! But so interesting, such excitement for the senses ..... makes the readers feel like they were there. Thx for sharing.

    1. Yayy you made it to the end haha! hehe glad you enjoyed it and found it interesting!! Can't wait to share more of my travels with you guys!! :D

  2. Hi which tour agency did you book this with? Any website? Was it only for Taiwanese? Thx!

    1. Hi Anon!! :)
      I booked my Bali and Cambodia trip in Taiwan! Unfortunately I don't know the name of the company in English haha, but you can only sign up if you have a taiwan passport!
      I booked my Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam trips with Lion Travel, which has a location in Crystal Mall! :)


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