Fresh Prep Delivery

  Sometimes I'm just too lazy to go out for food lol...and sometimes you just feel like eating at home! But for people like me who's fridge is half empty 80% of the time, it can be quite the challenge LOL!

  So I was intrigued when Fresh Prep asked me to try out their product! The concept behind FP is that you get the ingredients to make a meal delivered straight to your door! Everything is measured and prepackaged, so there's no need to wash/cut/season! Great for busy people who just want to look forward to a homecooked meal at the end of the day, without all of the fuss!
  It's really convenient, you simply go to their site , choose a meal, and they'll have it delivered to your door at your chosen time the next day!

Disclaimer: Even though the meal was complimentary, like always, I only give my honest opinion and the fact that this meal was free changes nothangg! :D I just thought it would fun to try something new! ;)

I chose the flat iron steak meal! Every box comes with easy to follow instructions! :D

The ingredients for the mash califlower! :D

Hehe I'm really digging their packaged, so rustic looking and cute!

Flat Iron Steak
3.5/5 stars

  I was surprised at how easy this was haha. Just plop that sucker onto the pan, and grill for 3 mins! This was delicious!! The steak wasn't overseasoned, which really let the natural meatiness shine through. We cooked it until it was medium rare so the inside was pretty tender! 



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