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  Happy 2015 guys!!! Hope you guys didn't have too much fun last night ;) hehe
I didn't stay up late at all, and fell asleep at 10 LOL! Yep, I'm a total party pooper. I've only stayed up twice for the countdown, once in Vegas, where I actually fainted 3 seconds before midnight...*awkward silence*  Let's just say I don't do well in crowds.

  Anyways, being that it was New Years Eve, and -3 degrees outside...the only solution was? HOTPOT!!! We were really lucky and got a table straight away, because as soon as we sat down the manager started turning people away because he said it was already full! The place was absolutely PACKED with people celebrating new years! My dad's eaten hotpot countless times in Taiwan, but this was actually his first time having hotpot in Canada! He really enjoyed it and thought that it was worth the money, despite the extra $10 charge for the soup base!

We ended up finishing after 2 hours and we left the place smelling like the soup LOL!! Seriously, the smell sticks to your clothes!! I could even smell it while I was in bed last night haha (I'm a morning showerer in case you're wondering lol) Not that I minded...cause I love the smell of food ;)  There's nothing smexier than smelling like you just swam in a big pot of hotpot LOL!! Who's with me?!

  I've also been to their Burnaby location, and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with their consistency in quality/portions! Their burnaby location is more spacious, and has a better view with large windows (overlooking metrotown lmao) but this one is pretty nice too! And it's super convenient since it's located right inside Landsdown Mall!


We decided to get their half/half hotpot, which comes with their original broth, and their spicy broth! We barely ate any on the spicy side, because it was just a bit too spicy for us lol!

All the ingredients mixed in!! ;D

You can even add more soupbase if you run out! It helps to add some more halfway because it tends to get diluted from all the added ingredients!
The condiment station!! My fav will always be the satay sauce <3

 First up, our first plate of meat, which we devoured in no time!!

The fatty pork was my favvv, so tender, with just the right amount of fat and marbling! Delish!

The pieces were pretty thick but not as tender as the fatty pork, still good though!

Siumai, chicken wings, fish, tendon, pork skin, squid, lotus root, seaweed
3/5 stars
  I love the variety! All the items were pretty fresh, and pretty standard, nothing out of the ordinary! We ended up ordering 1 or 2 of each item!

More meat!! And yes, we did end up finishing all of da meat LOL!

Imitation crab meat, lamb dumplings, fish balls, quail eggs
3/5 stars
  Standard stuff, but I really like the lamb dumplings! The fish balls were bouncy in texture, and the quail eggs were awesome!

Gotta load up on those veggies! The giant mushrooms were my fav!!

Pork Bone
3.5/5 stars
  This is a must order whenever I come here!! I love gnawing at the bone hehe, it's full of flavour,a nd super tender! I love the sauce they use, it's savoury and super yummy!

Black fungus and seaweed, lotus root, melon
3/5 stars
  I loveee me some black fungus hehe! I love the texture! Can't go wrong with seaweed knots either!

Here's what the meat looks like all cooked, really thin and shriveled up lol!

3.5/5 stars
  I love the side dishes here, this was super well flavoured, crunchy, and really refreshing!

Sweet Potato Noodles, and Udon!
3/5 stars
  We also ordered a side of noodles! Udon was the standard, prepackaged kind, the sweet potato noodles were good though, bouncy, with chew!

3/5 stars
  Another cold side dish! This one was mildly seasoned and crunchy with bits of carrot!

Second order of seaweed! 

You can never have enough veggiess!!!

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  1. Are you sure it is "diluted"? Diluted would be when you add more liquid to an existing base. So, when the broth is boiling away as well as taken out along with whatever you throw in, it should be more concentrated instead. Then again, you will need more of the delicious broth when you add more goodies!

    In most of your posts, I noticed you say your mom or your dad but not together. I wonder if there would be conflicting opinions on the same meal!

  2. Hi Casey!!

    haha I get what you mean, and you're right, the broth does get more complex and concentrated in flavour with more added ingredients! I guess what I meant was that the original flavour of the broth kind of gets lost and a bit diluted, so like you said, it's always good to add some more hehe! :D

    LOL yess my parents always have conflicting opinions on food! My mom is easier to please and less of a picky eater, whereas my dad is alot harder to impress! :D


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