Marulilu Japanese Cafe

  Yesterday before we went shopping at Whole Foods, we made a pit stop at Marulilu for brunch to fuel up for the long day ahead! This might just be my new favourite place hehe! I can't believe I didn't try it sooner! I brought along my mom and she was super excited after I told her about the menu!

  Marulilu is a cute little japanese cafe located right across from Broadway-City Hall Station so it's super convenient! They serve brunch, traditional japanese breakfasts, savoury snacks, coffee, even dessert!! 

  Their menu is decorated with Rilakuma cartoons (scroll to bottom for a pic) which I thought was so quirky and cute! I actually brought my Rilakuma purse with me and the waitress said that she absolutely loved my purse LOL and I replied "Ikr, so kawaii!!" and she repeated back in Japanese "totemo kawaii!!" LOL!! 

Kimchi, and Sukiyaki Burger $11.99
My mom's ratings:
Kimchi: 4/5 stars 
Sukiyaki: 3.5/5 stars

  This was my mom's first time eating a rice burger and she thought it was awesome! She particularly enjoyed the kimchi, which was a delicious blend of spicy and savoury flavours! There was even some thin slices of pork in there! The sukiyaki was great as well, moist slices of flavourful beef paired with strands of vermicelli!

3.5/5 stars
  This salad dressing was delish! It's a sesame based dressing so it has a lovely nutty flavour that's a great compliment to the freshness of the salad!

Omurice w/ Hayashi Beef
3.5/5 stars
  This was so yummy!! The sauce was thick and creamy, and full of flavour! The beef slices were tender, packed with beefy flavour! The egg on top of the omurice was actually seasoned so it wasn't plain! They used plain rice instead of fried rice in the omurice which I actually prefer because it didn't overpower the over flavours of the dish!

Loved how neatly arranged the salad was! :D

Miso Soup
4/5 stars
  My mom's combo also came with a side of miso soup! This one was really solid, we both loved how it was super flavourful without being salty at all! 

Signage advertising their dishes!

They post their daily specials outside their door!

Here's a look at their menu!

Hehee, it's rilakkuma!!

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