I'm taking this semester off and I'm going on an asia trip with my mom!! Seeing how I've had a hard semester, my mom offered to take me with her on her trip to asia!! How could I say no? LOL!

  I'm leaving today, so this'll be my last post in Vancouver until I get back! But fear not, I'll be blogging the whole time I'm there hehe and I'll be doing restaurant reviews to keep you guys updated on all the yummy stuff I'm eating lol!! :D  So stay tuned!! I won't be linking my reviews on Urbanspoon but I'll be updating this blog as frequently as I can!! I'll be resuming my Vancouver posts as soon as I get back! :D

  I'll probably be there until March, which is sooo long (I know) haha, but this will probably be the last break I'm taking until I graduate! I'll have to take an extra summer semester to make up for the time I've lost lol.  :D

 We'll going to Taipei first (to visit the grandparents) and from there we're going to book flights to other asian countries!! We're thinking about going to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam (but might not get to all of them haha.) I'm already giddy with excitement just thinking about all the awesome places we're going to go hehe! If there are any must-see/must eat places in any of the countries I mentioned, leave them for me down below!! :D

  Anyways, back to Sushi S!! On Sunday my mom and I were famished after church (as usual lol) and being the lazy bums that we are, decided to go across the street to Sushi S! I've actually eaten here twice back in highschool! And I'm surprised I actually remember what I had ordered...the first time I got a cali roll, and the second time I went I had a chicken teriyaki roll w/ some agedashi tofu lol! I remember it being pretty yummy! :D

Assorted Nigiri $13
3.5/5 stars
  This was really great deal! I liked how they included amaebi and tako, because usually they don't come in combos! Everything tasted pretty fresh, and nothing tasted amiss. The tuna was really fresh and flavourful, the tako had a nice salty lemon-y finish, the chopped scallop had a good balance of mayo, the ebi had a nice snap, and the amaebi was naturally sweet tasting!

Salmon & Tuna Roll
4/5 stars
  The combo also came with 5 pieces of maki!! I was impressed with how little rice there was, just check out those huge chunks of salmon!

Chirashi Don
3.5/5 stars
  The chirashi don was similarly well done, and was really fresh! It had 3 slices of tuna, 3 slices of slamon, 5 pieces of amaebi, 3 tako, 3 hokigai, and 2 tai! There was a little too much rice though, there was probably 2-3 bowls worth in there! 

Salmon Tempura Roll $4
3.5/5 stars
  My mom said that she was craving a roll lol, so she picked out the salmon tempura roll! This is like a mini/more economical version of their larger, higher priced speciality/fusion rolls! At $4, this was a great deal! There was barely any rice in it and it came with 6 pieces! The salmon tempura was lightly battered and there was a good amount of salmon in it! The spicy mayo sauce and the teriyaki sauce really worked together, and made this a really fun roll to eat with all the contrasting flavours and textures! :D

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  1. Hot Star Fried Chicken - large cutlet is their famous item but the nuggets are good as well, origins at Taipei night market but locations in Hong Kong as well

    Tim Ho Wan - considered least expensive one Michelin star restaurant, check-list dim sum, multiple locations in Hong Kong

    Din Tai Fung - Taiwanese chain famous for Shanghai soup dumpling - throughout Asia including Taipei and Hong Kong. Close competitor is Crystal Jade (Singapore chain) with locations in Hong Kong as well

    1. @Anonymous

      Yayy thanks so much for the suggestions!!

      I love fried chicken hehe so I hope I get the chance to Hot Star try it out!!

      Ahhh, I passed by Tim Ho Wan today but the lineup was huge so we didn't go!! Maybe next time! :)

      Din Tai Fung - Going to make reservations!! Can't wait to try their famous xlb!! :D

    2. Forgot Hui Lau Shan in Hong Kong for mango drinks. Not sure if they are elsewhere in Asia but lots of locations in Hong Kong.

    3. Mmm mango drinks hehe! Is it similar to Mango Yummy? :D
      But we're going with a tour guide so it may not be close to where we're going! Thanks for all the awesome suggestions tho!! :D

  2. Exciting, Selina ! Safe travels and look forward to your reviews from abroad.

    Just a couple of Taipei places I recommend (was there in 2013) in and around the Da'an District where our hotel (and my childhood home) was:

    1) 朱記餡餅粥店
    #106, Section 3, Ren'ai Road, Da’an District

    2) Din Tai Fung (as Anonymous mentioned above)
    SoGo Shopping Centre food court (downstairs) and various other locations throughout the city and Asia.

    3) 餃子樂
    大安區, 復興南路, 一段263號, 1樓

    We ate there like 5-6 times, cheap, marvelous fresh dumplings and very tasty side dishes. If you go on the first time make sure you get their "frequent dumpling card" for freebies on return trips :-D

    (Google Streetview link below shows its location that used to be a pho place):

    4) Aunt Stella's

    5) iLu Bakery Cafe

    #4 & #5 both in SoGo Mall. If you can only make it to one of these, it would *have* to be Aunt Stella's. Absolutely decadent treats.

    1. @lotusrapper

      Ikr, super exciting!! Thankyou so much!! Definitely going to keep you guys updated on all the yummy stuff I'm eating lol!

      Thanks for alI the suggestions!! I showed my mom and she said we mihjt go there if we have extra time!! Soo many good eats in Taipei hehe!!

      Yay thanks for the blog list!! It'll definitely come in really handy!

    2. I know you guys have many things on your agenda, so I'm only throwing this one out (my last one, I promise) again at Taipei's SOGO Mall in case you go there. This is a small family-run steamed buns vendor in the back alley of the mall building. If you look at the Streetview link below, it's where the red sign "美包子" is, behind the small white pickup truck. They're open like 12-14 hours a day and make amazing fresh, hot and tasty steamed buns of different kinds (and other things but I can't recall). Each bun was like ~ Cdn$0.80-1.00 equivalent. Sooooo good.

      Ironically on the Fuxing S. Road side (around corner) of the building there is ANOTHER steamed buns vendor which I thought was just their main storefront, but it turns out they're separate !

    3. I follow this Vancouver-based blogger and he's native of TWN with a lot of very interesting and detailed reviews of restos and eats in Taipei, HK, Macau, Tokyo, etc. for your reference:

    4. Mmm those steam buns sound delish! We're probably going to go to SOGO! :D
      Thanks for the insider tips, and the directions haha! :)

      I read DCMFB too!! I never knew he did reviews abroad, that's awesome!

  3. A couple of Taipei-local food blogs from ex-pats I think you'll enjoy and find useful when you're there:


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