Taipei Day 1: Taipei 101 & the Ling Jung Street Nightmarket!!

  My first thought when I woke up this morning: SHAOBING for breakfast!! hehe. We're staying at my grandparents house, and luckily they live near a breakfast place that's famous for their shaobing and soymilk!!

After breakfast my mom and I went to the Travel Expo at Taipei 101, and we picked up a ton of brochures for the countries we're planning to go to!! Afterwards we were completely famished, so we headed to Taipei 101 for some eats!! :D We wanted to go to Din Tai Fung but it was completely packed, so we're going to have to make reservations!

  We headed straight to the food court, and after circling the place 3 times lol, we ended up eating at Hi Sushi because my mom said she was craving something cold lol. Hi Sushi does convenyor belt style sushi!! I'm pretty sure we don't have any convenyor belt sushi places in Van, but they're pretty common in asia!

  Afterwards we went shopping at the other malls surrounding Taipei 101! I was pretty impressed by their food courts haha, there was so much variety and they were all really nice and fancyy looking LOL!

  I'm superrr tired right now because I'm typing this in the middle of the night at Family Mart and my mom's waiting for me (she fell asleep LOL!)


  Okayyy, so this is going to be a LONG post!! Longer than my Richmond nighmarket reviews LOL...are you ready? ;D

Time for some traditional taiwanese breaky!! :D
Chinese Donut in salty soy milk!
3/5 stars
  This was a really hearty bowl of soy milk! The soy milk is lightly salted and plays off of the flavour of the chinese donut! The green onion adds a nice kick of flavour!

 Pastries!! <3
 Flaky Sesame Pastry
3/5 stars
  Just loook at those layers! This was super flaky, and fragrant! The filling was a bit sparse though, but it wasn't too sweet!
 Flaky coconut pastry
3/5 stars
  Like the sesame version, this was great!! The coconut flavour was potent without being overpowering.

 Minced Meat Pastry
2.5/5 stars
  This store has definitely got their flaky pastry game down lol!! Just look at those layers and sesame seeds ! The minced meat could have used a bit more work though, it was a bit dry and lacking in flavour.
Mung Bean Pastry
3/5 stars
  This was tasty too, not too sweet, with a really soft filling!
 I came here specifically for this hehe, shaobing w/ chinese donut!!
3.5/5 stars
  This was solidd!! The shaobing was super flaky, and full of flavour, and it wasn't oily at all! The chinese donut was super crispy and airy, and not hard or dense at all!

 We went to Taipei 101 later in the day! It was so nice outside! :D
Convenyor belt sushi at Hi Sushi in the Taipei 101 food court!!
(Click to Enlarge) Lots of atypical sushi options hehe for all you adventurous eaters!
Seared Toro sushi w/ mayo on top!
3/5 stars
 The toro was buttery and had a nice seared taste, and paired with the mayo and fish roe, it was a yummy combination!! I wasn't too fond of the imitation crab meat/tamago sushi though, it didn't really work with the flavours of the toro!

3.5/5 stars
  This was a specialty item so it didn't have a name haha! The fish was soft and really flavourful from the sweet mayo and seaweed flakes on top though! The nigiri rice was tightly packed and slightly sour. My mom was pretty impressed with the fish to rice ratio, there was barely any rice!

 Wagyu Beef w/ Fleur de sel!
3.5/5 stars
  First time having wagyu beef on sushi lol! Strange as it sounds, it definitely work!! The wagyu beef was super tender, thin, and juicy! It was sprinkled with a modest amount of salt which really helped bring out the flavour of the beef!

Beef marinated in miso w/ unami flavour!
3.5/5 stars
  True to its name, there was indeed a strong miso flavour! I could definitely taste the unami which was pretty awesome haha. The beef was semi tender and also slightly charred at the edges!

Here are some other dishes that I took pictures of but didn't order!! 

 Osmathus Plum Juice from Chatime!
4/5 stars
  Later in the day I got thirsty so I went to Chatime, which has locations all over Taipei!! This was awesome!! Osmanthus is definitely of acquired taste, but once you acquire it, you seriously can't get enough! Paired with the plum juice, this was the perfect balance of sweet/sour flavours! 

Agnes B Cafe in 101!

 So many gorgeous looking pastries, sadly I was too full LOL!

 OMG...they have a Krispy Kreme in Taipei!!
I was eyeing the matcha one the whole time LOL!! Why can't I have a bigger stomach?

 I took pictures of all the food stalls in the Taipei 101 food court!! Hope this helps haha, if you ever go! :)

 That night we made our way to the Ling Jung St Market, which I haven't been too! I've been to almost every single nightmarket in Taipei!
 OMG...I've heard amazing things about these little suckers right here!! Icecream w/ Peanut Rice Wraps!! But I'm allergic to peanuts LOL...ergh!!
This stinky tofu stall had a huge lineup!
Stinky Tofu
2.5/5 stars
  This was a pretty good version! I liked how they cut the tofu pieces into bite sized pieces so it's alot easier to eat! I didn't like how they piled the cabbage on top though because it made the tofu pieces kind of soggy.
 Salt Peppery Mushrooms!! Your staple Taiwanese salt peppery chicken nuggets, veganized LOL!
 2.5/5 stars
  Obviously I had to get a bag! Can't say no to deep fried stuff!! The exterior was really crunchy, but a bit too thick and doughy for my liking. It was pretty greasy too. The seasoning was great though, flavourful without being overly salty.
Taiwanese Mien Shen Noodles w/ Intestine
3.5/5 stars
  A taiwanese staple!! This was was loaded with soft, slippery pieces of noodles in a flavourful broth! The intestines were delightfully chewy hehe.

 Pork Bone Broth Noodles
3.5/5 stars
Looks can be deceiving, looks like a plain bowl of noodles doesn't it? It's actually made with a pork bone broth, which makes it super hearty and flavourful! The noodles were really soft and slippery!

Shaved Ice!!
2/5 stars
  We got a small bowl of shaved ice to share as dessert! We got the white fungus, red bean, green bean, and tropical fruit! A pretty average, unremarkable shaved ice, but still sastisfying nonetheless!

Other nightmarket goodies!

 Gua Bao Stand!!
I also bought some apple juice at Family Mart to keep me company while I was typing away on this post at 12 am at night LOL!


  1. Wow what an epic day ! Just in the Taipei 101 food court alone I could spend a week (no, more like a month) eating. Can you imagine that, wagyu beef nigiri at Hi Sushi that does conveyor belt ..... in N. America that's a bottom-rung-on-the-ladder way of serving sushi.

    You have peanut allergy ? Hope it's not life-threatening (or that you have epi-pens with you) because peanuts in foods are so common in Taiwan, whether discretely or indiscreetly. Be careful either way.

    You know, coming back to Vancouver (or anywhere in N. America) will seem so back-country. Asia is where the 21st century is at.

    Have fun, eat lots (but not too much) and hope you make it to SOGO and that dumplings place :-)

    1. Hehe I had so much fun!! Me too, the taipei 101 food court is awesome!! I was surprised that they had wagyu beef at Hi Sushi too! Not something you would expect from conveyor belt sushi, since it tends to be more "lower quality!"

      Thanks for the warning!! I've been really careful, but Ive had a couple of close calls with the peanuts lol! You're right about it being discrete or indiscreet, so I always make sure by asking!

      LOL I always feel that way when I get back to Van! Maybe because I'm so use to it, Van just doesn't seem as exciting haha!

      Thanks!! Yes, hope I can make it out to that dumpling place! :D


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