Taipei Day 2 - Hipster Burgers and the Raohe Nightmarket!!

Taipei Day 2!! I've been eating so much I'm having trouble keeping up with posting because the amount of pictures/editing is become a bit overwhelming LOL. Back in Van I usually only eat out once a day, but now that I'm travelling abroad I'm eating out 3 times a day or more haha! 
  On our second day in Taipei, we started off the day right with breaky at PP Breakfast after peeing LOL!! Yeaa, I'm really immature ;) PP Serves up western style/hk cafe breakfasts like sandwiches and omelettes!

  At night, we made it out to Taipei’s busiest night markets, the Raohe Street Nightmarket!! The place was completely PACKED. And I mean PACKED. Everyone’s so close you can literally smell the greasy breathe of the person next to you LOL. Yea, it was probably a bad idea to go on a saturday…

  The first thing you see when you enter the night market is a huge crowd of people (okay, who am I kidding, there’s a crowd of people everywhere lol) but then you realize it’s a designated lineup for a food stall!! Raohe’s famous pepper buns!! The lineup looked really long, but it actually moved really quickly because they already had a ton of buns ready to sell to a crowd of hungry customers!! 

 The Raohe Nightmarket has a lot more exotic/innovative food items than any of the other typical night markets in Taipei! You’ll see what I mean when you see the pics haha! It only spans one street, but it’s really long! 

   In other exciting news, we booked a trip to Indonesia and Cambodia today!! We’re going next week!! More details on that laterr! :D

Anyways, back to the post!! :D

Porkchop & Egg Sandwich at PP!
3.5/5 stars
  This was actually ALOT better than I was expecting it to be! The bread was super fragrant, buttery, soft, and a bit sweet! The pork chop itself was okay, nothing too exciting!

I got thirsty after breakfast haha, so I got myself some teaa @ 7/11! Gotta love that there's practically one on every corner! :D

I never expected to find such a cute little hipster cafe/restaurant in Banchiao! This place wouldn't be out of place in Gastown haha with their industrial light fixtures and chairs!!

Three Spice Chicken Sandwich
3.5/5 stars
  Waittt, 3 spice chicken in sandwich form? Get it?! It was just as awesome as it sounded! Full of 3 spice flavour, with lots of tender pieces of pork! The bun was really soft and slightly crusty!

Smoked Duck w/ Cherry Compote & Egg
3.5/5 stars
  This was really yummy too! The pieces of duck were tender (albeit a bit too thin) and went great with the sweet cherry flavour! The egg was fluffy and so was the bun, which made for a winning combination!

Time for an afternoon snack hehe...gosh, I'm eating so much here LOL!
Yu Gen (Fish Balls) in Glutinous Soup
4/5 stars
  Yu Gen is a taiwanese speciality that not alot of people know about! This was my first time having it and it was really yummy! The glutinous soup makes it interesting beacuse it gives it that nice goopy texture and it tasted like fish! The fish balls were chewy and bouncy!

Wa Gua (Salty Rice Cake Pudding)
3/5 stars
  Another not so well known Taiwanese snack! The rice forms in the bowl so the texture's a bit like a cross between a taro cake/pudding. The sauce on the top is sweet-salty, and the pudding itself has bits of minced meat, mushroom, and salted egg yolk in it!

Starbucks Taiwan
Wow, the starbucks here is so fancy LOL!! Why can't we have these options in Van? :D

 Nightmarket Time!!!
 The famouss pork pepper buns!!

 Pork Pepper Bun

  4/5 stars
  This was awesomee!! The outside was super crispy and flaky, with interwoven layers! The pork was really juicy and moist, and full of flavour from the green onion!
Camera focus fail...
 Polish Cakes! Wow, this stall had a huge lineup haha!

Peach/kiwi, Berry flavour, and Original!
2/5 stars
  My mom picked out three and she thought it was pretty good for a nightmarket! The only thing she didn't really like was that the cake was rather dense and not airy enough. But other than that, it was flavourful without being overly sweet, and the toppings were great!

Spicy Clams in Beer Garlic Sauce!
3/5 stars
  This was really interesting! There was a mesh of different flavours, a bit of beer, a tinge of spiciness, garlic, and some sweetness! The portion size was uite large and the clams were rather moist! 

Luen Bin (Taiwanese Rice Wrap) Sorry I forgot to take a bite to show you lol!
2/5 stars
  Luen Bin is one of the few non-fried items at the nightmarket LOL and a much healthier option! This has char siu pieces, egg, bean sprouts, chives, cilantro, salty vegetables and it's wrapped in a super paper thin like rice wrap! Since the ingredients are pretty basic it doesn't taste that amazing but I had a craving for it hehe and not alot of places sell it anymore!

lol I was pretty surprised when I saw macarons!


  1. Wow Selina, makes me miss Taiwan and my family back there too...Did you try the little red bean or taro wheel cakes? Those things are THE BOMB

  2. Hi Joey!! :D
    Long time no talk haha! How have you been? You're taiwanese too? That's awesome!! *highfive*

    Ahh, those wheel cakes are SO bomb LOL! I've been meaning to, there's a really famous one near Gongguan I've heard!! :D

  3. Hahaha yeah I am, last time I went back was 2012 spring, before coming to Boston for school =(
    I actually don't know much about Taipei, cuz most of my family is in Kaohsiung lol!
    But there's this steamed stinky tofu place by the YongAn Market MRT station near the Public Library, I remember it was the absolute bomb. Went there with my grandma in 2012, and it's all vegetarian too! Their vegetarian minced pork rice was also the best I've ever had the pleasure of eating lol.

    Here's the Google map coordinates if you're interested =),121.512366,3a,75y,316.54h,80.78t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sR1cTgda69RkCmNHOKux_7A!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x3442a9dc34df02cd:0x1a9da81d691e83d4

    Highly recommend you stop by if you have the chance during your trip! Hope you have an awesome time in Cambodia, safe travels!

    1. That's cool that you're family's from Kaoshiung!! I love Kaoshiung!!
      Aw you're in Boston for school? Bet you miss Van alot! ;)

      Yayy thanks for the rec and the map!! I love stinky tofu hehe! Maybe I'm just weird, but I actually don't find stinky tofu stinky LOL! Ahh you read my mind! I've been searching for a good bowl of minced pork rice!! I've never had vegetarian pork rice before, but it sounds really yummy!! :D I'll have to check it out!!

      Thanks Joey!! Cambodia was awesome hehe!!
      It was great talking to you again! :)


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