Taipei Day 5 - SOGO food court, Aunt Stella’s & Pan Fried Buns!

On Day 5 we headed to SOGO, one of Taipei’s main department stores, for an epic day of EATING and shopping hehehe!! :D
  My favourite part about SOGO  is their food court (what else!?) It’s not as large as 101’s, but it’s still pretty awesome haha! It gets confusing because SOGO is actually divided into 3 buildings, with 2 different food courts, a smaller one in Building 3, and their main one in Building 2! 

 I mainly wanted to go to SOGO to check out Aunt Stella’s and a pan fried bun stall that @lotusrapper recommended! I actually circled around SOGO with my mom for over half a hour looking for the fried bun stall lol, and I finally found two stalls selling fried buns, but I wasn’t sure which one it was haha, so I bought some from both! 

And wait, it gets even more confusing LOL! I found out that there’s actually TWO Aunt Stella’s in SOGO, one in each building! I went to the larger one in the food court in their main building! And two Beard Papa’s LOL!

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake
5/5 stars
  My mom was swooning over this the whole time LOL! According to her, this was mesmerizing! The cake was glazed in a thin hazelnut coating, and the inside had different layers of flavour! The cake itself was super light and not too sweet!

Caramel Cheesecake
4.5/5 stars
  This was equally as good!! Super creamy, not overly sweet, and heavy on the cheese! The graham cracker base was just the right texture where it wasn’t overly soft or crusty. 

Hua Diao Chicken
2.5/5 stars
  I had the hua rio chicken combo from the Chinese stall in the Sogo food court!! The chicken came in a sizzling plate which kept the dish hot for a long time! The chicken itself was moist and seasoned with chinese wine, which made the entire dish really fragrant!

Pork Bone Noodles
3.5/5 stars
  My mom got this from the noodle stall, and it was really yummy!! The broth was great, heavy on the pork bone flavour with lots of depth! The noodles were semi al dente, and there was lots of it! There was also 2 large pieces of pork bone and some fish balls! 

Side Dishes
3/5 stars
  The side dishes were pretty decent, especially the seaweed! The seaweed was flavourful (albeit a bit too salty) and the veggies were seasoned with ginger!

Some of the other stalls in the SOGO food court!


Pan Fried Buns
3.5/5 stars
  I think @lotusrapper was probably talking about this stall, because I liked this one better! The skins were thinner, and the buns were fried more evenly! Another thing I noticed was that these ones had sesame seeds on them and the buns from the other stall didn’t! Great as a snack, really satisfying and super cheap!! 

Pan Fried Buns from the other stall!
2/5 stars
  The skins on these buns were significantly thicker, and the exterior fry job was a bit inconsistent. The filling was still really yummy though and for the price, you really can’t complain haha!

Korean Bachan
3/5 stars
  The banchan was pretty delish and it ended up being really filling! The seaweed was really well seasoned, the bean sprouts had a nice light flavour, and the kimchi wasn’t spicy at all!

Hey look, it's Santouka!!! :D


  1. Yay you made it !! I feel like I'm there again :-D

    Wut ..... there's TWO Aunt Stella's ?? LOL. Well we didn't spend enough time going through all the buildings so it's not surprising they have duplicate stores (like both sides of Metrotown Mall .......). Weren't their stuff just amazing or what ? FULL of buttery goodness everything just sort of melts in your mouth.

    Pan fried buns ..... oh wait, did you go to the one right under the MRT track:

    I did buy from them once. But later I bought more from this smaller vendor around the corner (red sign down the back alley) and liked them even more, LOL !

    Regardless, such a treat to find cheap, fresh and tasty snacks on the streets eh ?

    1. I know right haha, I was like "Whatt, there's two?! Is this Metrotown?!"
      Ahh Aunt Stella's was ah-mazing!! My mom was especially impressed haha! :D

      There's another pan fried buns stall under the MRT track? No I didn't haha! Ohh, maybe I'll check them out next time!
      Agreed, pan fried buns are such a fun, cheap snack!! :D

    2. And Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, then Godiva. Wut ...... we're back on Robson St ?!?!? ;-)

    3. LOL I was surprised to see a Santouka there!! The menu is exactly the same as the Robson one! :D

  2. Taipei, especially around zhongxiaofuxing station by SOGO have so many places that have good food to eat. You're really missing out if you're only going to department store food courts to eat.

    1. Hi Anni!! :)

      Ohh I'll definitely check out zhongxiaofuxing station!! I'm not that familiar with the area haha! Thanks for the tip!! :D


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