Taipei Day 8/9: Squid Ink Curry, ShabuShabu, Lu Wei, Noodle Soups & Potstickers!

Hii guys! I wanted to let you all know that I’m going to Indonesia for a week and I won’t be back until Jan.23! I’m not allowed to bring my laptop with me lol, so I won’t be posting until we get back! But rest assured I’ll be documenting everything I’m eating haha (like always!) and I’ll be posting my Indonesia reviews when I get back! :D

  But for now, here's two day’s worth of food in today’s post! :D

When we were in Jingmei running errands, someone handed me a ad for a new curry place called Magic Curry that had just opened up in a department store! The menu looked pretty cool, so we decided to check it out! Turns out they specialize in South Asian curries and they’re known for their squid ink curry!

Squid Ink Curry
3.5/5 stars
  This was awesome!! The curry flavour was really fragrant and flavourful, and it really did taste like squid! The fried fish one top was super crispy and lightly battered, but I didn’t like how the rice made it soggy. 

Baked Curry Beef Cheese Rice
3.5/5 stars
  My grandma asked for this extra spicy haha, and spicy it was! She really liked it, there was a ton of tender pieces of beef in there, and the cheese was stringy and melt in your mouth! The curry flavour definitely stood out and wasn’t overwhelmed by the spiciness!

Panna Cotta Mango Flavour
3/5 stars
  My grandma really liked it! It was super creamy, smooth, not too sweet, with a potent mango flavour!

Mint Iced Tea
4/5 stars
  This was super minty, in a non artificial way! The tea was pretty strong, and I liked how it wasn’t too sweet!

Dill Pickle Salad
3/5 stars
  Despite the pickle in its name, this was actually really sweet! It was nice though, light and refreshing!

Mushroom Chicken Soup
4/5 stars
  This was wayy better than I was expecting it to be! The chicken flavour was really potent, but it didn’t cover the flavour of the mushroom! There were bits of mushroom and chicken on the bottom!

Here's a look at their menu!

We also took the MRT subway to Beitou, and when we got there, we were starving and there weren’t any restaurants around (shocking right? haha) so we ended up eating at this cute little noodle shop! I tried taiwanese hot&sour soup for the first time, which is different from chinese hot&sour soup!

Taiwanese hot&sour noodle soup
3.5/5 stars
  Taiwanese h&s soup is different from the chinese version, which is a lot spicier! The taiwanese version is more sour and the flavours are more subtle. This was loaded with a ton of ingredients in a gloppy, starch based soup!

Taiwanese wonton noodle soup
3/5 stars
  Oh so simple, but so good! Way different from the cantonese version of wonton noodle soup that most people are familiar with! The taiwanese version uses rice noodles, not egg noodles, and the wontons are pork based, not shrimp based! The wontons themselves are also smaller in size! The broth is a lot light and modestly seasoned with some salt!

Then for dinner I was craving some hotpot hehe, so we went to this shabushabu place in Beitou!

Oysters & Fried Fish
  They gave us a ton of oysters, so it was a pretty good deal at 250NT! The fish is fried first and once in put it in the hotpot it turns the soup base a milky colour!

Clams & Lamb
3/5 stars
  Pretty standard stuff, but the clams were reasonably fresh! The lamb pieces were nicely marbled and tender. 

Various sauces!
Unlimited Icecream!! :D
Taro & Grape Flavour!!

Didn't know what this was LOL

The next day I went with my grandparents to the noodle soup beside their house for some taiwanese beef noodle soup! We actually spotted a Taiwanese celebrity there haha!

Beef Noodle Soup
3/5 stars
  The soup base was pretty good! Fragrant, with a beefy bunch, with some added pepper! You get to choose your noodles and I went with the thick ones! They were cooked al dente and soaked up the flavours of the broth! The beef pieces were on the smaller side though, and they weren’t tender enough. 

Beefless Beef Noodle Soup
3/5 stars
 Pretty much the same as the beef noodle soup, but without the beef!

Clear Noodle Soup
3.5/5 stars
  Despite the name, this was actually really flavourful! The soup base was fragrant with lots of flavour! The noodles were “Q” with bite!

Unlimited sour cabbage ftw!! :D

3/5 stars
  A must have side dish! These ones were fairly salty but I liked how they add any oyster sauce/soy sauce paste on it!

Steamed Veggies
3/5 stars
  I liked how they added some ground pork bits on it, it added a ton of flavour!

At night we went to the Si Da University Nightmarket, and I tried Lu Wei (night market steam pot) for the first time!! According to my mom it’s a relatively new phenomenon LOL! You pick your own raw ingredients, they cut up all the pieces, and then they put all the contents in a boiling pot!! And then they season it with some sauce!! The whole process takes under 3 mins!

Lu Wei Vegetables

3/5 stars
  Looks like a normal plate of veggies doesn’t it? It would be, if it wasn’t for their special sauce! The sauce they use is salty-sweet, a bit woody tasting, and super fragrant! For a mere $3 CAD, this was a huge plate, so it was definitely a good deal!

Luo Shen Ou Mai Flower Tea
4/5 stars
  This was awesome!! The taste is so hard to describe haha. It tastes florally, really sweet, with a hint of sourness! There was even bits of petals on the bottom!

  We also went to my grandparent's favourite potsticker place, 8 Fan Un Ji (a chain) and we ordered a bunch of potstickers and dumplings!! :D It was pretty satisfying haha, I haven’t had potstickers in forever!!

Taiwanese Hot&Sour Soup
3/5 stars
  Another pretty decent version! This one was loaded with veggies, but my grandparents commented that it was less spicy than usual! The consistency was on point though! :D

Original Potstickers
3/5 stars
  Can’t go wrong with the original pork/cabbage flavour! These were pretty good, the skin was thin and it was crispy on the outside! The filling was moist with a decent amount of meat!

Chive Potsticker
3/5 stars
  My personal fave hehe. Hey, can you blame me? I love chives!! These ones were fully vegetarian! Flavourful and filled to the brim with chive!

Kimchi Potsticker
3/5 stars
  This was yummy! The kimchi they use isn’t too spicy, its more sweet-spicy than anything else. 

European Saurkraut
3/5 stars
  If you like sour things like me haha, you’ll definitely like this! The sour flavour is pretty strong, and it was mixed with bits of pork! 

2/5 stars
  The dumplings all had the same fillings as the potstickers! The skin was a touch too thick, but they were still decent nonetheless!

They even had soymilk! :D


  1. Hey I might have walked by that noodle place where you had lunch ! Was it at the end of an alley near the hotels with the hot springs, at the top of the hill past the municipal hot springs park ?

    1. Haha wow that's a really accurate description! I don't think so, there wasn't a hot spring and it was located on a busy street! :)

  2. Ooops, you guys were in the "town" section near Beitou Station. We were in the touristy hot springs section just east of XinBeitou (新北頭) Station, in this weird cul-de-sac with some apartments and crappy eateries on the ground floor :-(

    Hope you're having a good time in Indonesia :-D

    1. Thanks!! I'm having a great time, I'm heading back to Taipei today!! :D


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