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Hi Guys!!! :D

Soo, guess what happened? My laptop's why I didn't post yesterday! I tried publishing my Mayalsia post yesterday and after spending 5 hours editing/formatting the pictures, everything glost got deleted :(
I'm pretty bummed.
Oh well.
I'm currently using my dad's laptop. I had to download a bunch of software to read my raw files which took a while. I'm still a bit sick, and semi-jet lagged lol. So what better way to cheer myself up then by getting some sausage?? :D

So I ended up going to Chinatown/Gastown yesterday! I've been really into exploring that area lately (lately as in these past two days LOL) I was originally going to go to Kobob Burger for lunch but they were closed when I went, so seeing how Bestie was nearby, I had to jump at the chance! I was their first customer of the day, so I didn't have to wait in line! :D

My hands still smell like currywurst.
Not that I'm complaining.

There's nothing more beautiful than a fat bratwurst smothered in a copious amount of mysterious ketchup, on a bed of fries.
Glorious, just glorious.

What can I say? I like my starch and protein! ;)

Can you tell I'm typing this in the wee hours of the night? I'm not drunk though...LOL

I went to Soft Peaks after, like any good food blogger would ;)
There wasn't a lineup hehe. (I was expecting one.)
Turns out they use soy lecithin in their soft serve (found out after I had licked it). My tongue starting itching. So I had to throw away $5. There's nothing more saddening them trashing a perfectly good icecream. Truly disheartening.

How cool is this place? The little holes in the walls look like bird houses! :D

Currywurst w/ Classic Pork Thuringer $8.50
 3/5 stars
  Saucy, sweet, and a wee bit spicy!! A cross between curry/ketchup, perfectly tangy with some spice at the end. The pork thuringer was thick, juicy, and porky! The fries were pretty decent: I liked how they kept some of the skin on!
  Some reviews online said that the portion sizes were too small but I'm a pretty big eater, and even this was more than enough! :D

I can't decide which angle I like better LOL

Veggie Wurst $4
3/5 stars
  Getting my veggie fix, in wurst form! The description made it sound so enticing lol. This was yummy, it had a strong herbly flavour with a small touch of spice The texture was really enjoyable. Gummy, chewy, and not dry at all! It was pretty expensive clocking in at $4 haha

House made Mustard
Man, this stuff is strong! I'd liken it to wasabi. Easy on the sauce kids.

(Click to Enlarge) Here's a look at their menu!!

Great selection of beer and tap!

Some light reading!! Elective Mag by UBC, UVIC, SFU, and EC estudents!! :D

They also sell pretzels hehe, as evidenced by their cute little pretzel display!! They looked so enticing, but I was already too full lol

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