Siem Reap, Cambodia: Day 1-5!! Food/Travel Pics + GOOD NEWS!!

Short Explanation:

HI GUYS!!! I’M ALIVE lol!! :D
I just got back from Malaysia and Singapore a few days ago and I'm currently in Taipei!

  Woww, I feel like I haven’t posted in foreverr. I’m sooo sorry for being MIA for so long!! Forgive me??
...I’m a terrible blogger I know. *hangs head in shame* 
I feel absolutely horrid for not uploading for so long, but trust me, I was thinking about you guys the entire time!! :D

  I had this post all typed up and ready to go right after I got back from Cambodia, but I was having trouble uploading because of wifi issues…
I literally spent a day in Taipei going from Family Mart to Starbucks to the library looking for fast no avail lol. And after staying in Taipei for 2 days we were off to Malaysia & Singapore!! And while we were in Malaysia & Singapore I tried uploading at the hotels we were staying at but because of the amount of pictures it just wasn’t possible because their wifi was too darn slow :(

As soon as I came back to Taipei I had to reformat all of the photos which took a while lol, and by some miracle I finally got this post up after 5 failed attempts and a few sleepless nights, even with spotty wifi!! Thank the Lord!! :D

Anyways, I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear any more of my excuses, but I have some good news!!! 
I’ll be back in Van in early March!! You know what that means right? Back to my normal schedule of posting everyday!!! YAYY!!! 
We were planning on staying till April, but our bodies and wallets are BURNED OUT. Majorly burned out lol. It’s probably going to take me a month to recover LOL. And then schools starting up again in May. 
So coming back in March is a lot earlier than we had anticipated, but I gotta admit, as much as I love traveling, I can’t wait to come home, because I miss Van…SO MUCH!! :(

I miss the fresh air, the awesome food, Richmond (yes, Richmond), my purple feet (Yes, my feet turn purple in the winter)…I even miss, the rain, THE RAIN. (Am I out of my right mind?!) And STUDYING. (Okay, not REALLYY, maybe a bit) Wow I never thought this day would come. Yea, sweating bullets with the sun beating down on your skin everyday ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Especially since I’m getting really sun damaged haha, because I’m allergic to sunscreen. 

And I miss my dad. He’s all alone haha. You guys know I hang out with him everyday LOL. Wowww I sound pathetic. But you guys understand right? :D
But I’m getting along with my mom just fine haha, she’s less uptight than usual now that she’s vacationing haha. 

 I probably sound like I’m typing this post half drunk but it’s actually past midnight and I’m the only one awake lol. Staying up late does that to ya. You do your best (or worst) work when you’re awake up night. Epiphanies tend to occur in the wee pee (yes I just said pee..get it?!) hours of the night. 

But I digress…I should probably start talking about Cambodia now ;)
OH, but before we start, I just wanted to tell you guys I’m heading to Vietnam next week!!! Yes, I’m having dreams about pho & bun bo hue already LOL.

  Anyways, my mom wanted to go to Cambodia because she’s been dying to visit Angkor Wat (a world heritage site) for the longest time! The trip itself was amazingg, Cambodia and Angkor Wat itself was absolutely stunning beyond belief. 

Food wise:
  Since we went with a tour guide, I didn’t have any control over what we ate. 
Not going to lie, most of the food we ate wasn’t all that exicting lol…I was pretty disappointed. You’ll see what I mean if you look at the pictures haha. They pretty much fed us chinese food everyday, which is fine, but it was pretty much all the SAME dishes, just at different restaurants!! Steamed fish, mapo tofu, stir fried shrimp, and pea tips get old, fast. Especially when you eat it 4 days in a row. 
We did eat Cambodian/South Asian food a couple of times, but it was mostly at buffets catered to tourists...definitely not up to par with restaurant quality. 
Andd for breakfast we just ate at the hotel we stayed at because they put out a breakfast buffet (with the same items) everyday. 

But thankfully the food we ate on our Malaysian + Singapore trip was a lot better because we switched travel agencies! This time we went with Lion Travel which has locations all over Taipei (they have a location in Crystal Mall too lol…across from De Fresh Bakery)

Something random I just thought of:

Since Phomn Penh is pretty close to Siem Reap every time I saw “Phomn Penh” on a license plate or sign all I could think was “Gee, I could sure use some butter beef and chicken wings right now!!” LOL. What else?! ;)    

Oh, and probably the funniest/interesting food related thing that happened in Cambodia was a conversation I had with a Taiwanese girl the same age as me! Just thought I’d share haha. I’m not making fun of her, just thought it would be neat to hear someone else’s perspective on our lives in Van!! ;)

(Wow, this post is getting really random…lol)

Anyways, our convo went something like this (in Mandarin) 

Her: So you’re from Canada? So do you eat burgers everyday?

Me:  I actually rarely eat burgers lol. I’m more into asian food. 

Her: (In Disbelief) That can’t be true! Then why do all asians think white people eat burgers & fries everyday?

Me: haha It’s a common misconception. 

Her: So what do you eat? 

Me: I’m a food blogger, so what I eat varies day to day! We have everything in vancouver! Chinese food, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Taiwanese, Filipino, African, even Cambodian!

Her: No way. I thought you guys only had American food in Vancouver. The other food can’t be authentic though.

Me:  Most of it is! Since there’s so many immigrants, the food is pretty authentic!

Her: It must be expensive.

Me: It depends. A decent meal can run you anywhere from $10-20 CAD. 

Her: For one meal? Wowww that’s insane. How do people afford to live there?

Me: haha I guess we’re just use to it. 

Her: So are there a lot of chinese people in Vancouver?

Me: Tons. Sometimes it feels like the population’s 80% asian.

Her: Really? Hard to believe. 

Me: Really! Mandarin/Cantonese is just as common as English.

Her: Wow, I didn’t know that. 

Me: You should visit!

Her: It’s so far away though. Maybe when I’m done my Masters.

Oh, another funny thing that happened (like I need to make this post longer lol) 
My mom had a funny convo with the tour agent she booked with regarding our trip:

Tour Agent: Okay, I booked your trip to Angkor Wat.

Mom: Great! I can’t believe I’m going to Cambodia!

TA: You mean Angkor Wat.

Mom: Yes, Angkor War is in Cambodia.

TA: What’s Cambodia?

Mom: The name of the country. 

TA: No, the name of the country is Angkor Wat.

Mom: No it’s not.

TA: Um, yes it is madam.

Mom: I’m pretty sure the country’s called Cambodia. Angkor Wat is the name of the historical site. 

TA: I’m a professional madam.

Mom: …

Now that we’re done my ridiculously long intro (I hope I didn’t bore you guys to death), on to some food and travel pics!! :D

Before heading to the airport,we had lunch at G Brunch, which serves HK style breakfasts! The sound "G" in Mandarin actually means chicken,hence the chicken logo above their name haha! 

Smoked Ham & Egg Breakfast Burger

3/5 stars

Sometimes you forget how something so simple can taste so good lol. A fried egg, some mayo, ketchup, and ham!! :D  The bun was super pillowly and soft, totally satisfied my craving for something carby!

Luncheon Sandwich w/ pork floss, ham & cheese
3/5 stars
My mom had the luncheon sandwich, and she said it was pretty solid!! The best part is the bread haha, because they use Taiwanese style bread, which is softer and sweeter than HK style bread!

Pomelo Tea
4/5 stars
  Wowerz, this stuff is seriously addictive! Apparently this stuff is really popular, but it was my first time trying it! 
  According to my mom, they sell jars of this stuff at T&T!! I am SO getting myself a jar as soon as I get back to Van LOL! It's citrusy, sweet, and just plain awesome!!

I'm coming for youuu Siem Reap!! I have no idea what company the tour agency booked for us, but apparently the aircraft was called V Air! The flight attendents all dress in Tshirts, and they actually introduce the flight attendents as "Model Cheryl" and "Beautiful Angela!!" as they walk down the aile LOL!!

Update: I'm sure you guys all heard about the plane crash in Taipei. Turns out it was this airline that crashed!! My thoughts go out to all those affected.

Random meal at 4 pm LOL. Taiwanese pork chop Rice! Not too shabby for plane food!

Dorayaki!! But instead of red bean, there was chocolate whipped cream in it!

Guava punch!! :D

They had the pork chop meal advertised in their magazine haha!

Time for dinner!! 2 hours after our pork chop snack LOL. 

For breakfast the next few days, we had lunch at our hotel, buffet style!!

Egg making station!

Mini pancakes!! So cute!! :D

The cake was delish! It didn't have a sign so I didn't know what it was haha. But it tasted like rice cake with some malt on

The mysterious green juice was actually artificial guava juice lol

Pretty much what my mom ate every morning!! Cambodian breakfast noodle soup!! The broth was super fragrant and really flavourful, not bad at all!

Anyone know what this fruit is called in English? Subtly sweet, with a smooth mouth feel!

For lunch we went to another Chinese restaurant. -.0 Not going to comment on the food because nothing really stood out haha

Stir Fried Pumpkin!

Seaweed Soup!

Steamed soy fish!

Mapo tofu

Then we went back to our hotel to rest and we had some afternoon tea! Donuts on top, some fruit, and mini snacks! The donuts were your generic donuts you can get at superstore were the sandwiches/mini pizzas. 

For dinner they brought us to this HUGE touristy buffet place which was completely packed with people! They had a huge selection of south asian dishes and a few asian dishes (they even had korean food!!) but nothing was particularly impressive, as expected haha. It's a buffet afterall!

Some south asian desserts!

Cambodian soup!


Vietnamese crepes!!

See how many people there were? This was only half LOL

Durian popsicles for dessert! My mom said it was the best part of the meal LOL!! I think that's saying something ;)

Cambodian money!!

The next day we went to visit Angkor Wat!!

Some fresh coconut juice!! :D 

For lunch the next day they brought us to another touristy buffet place...

They had a couple of stations specializing in one dish, which was great for people who don't like pre cooked food!

They even had chinese pork hocks haha! I tried a piece and it was super fatty, virtually inedible LOL!


Crab cakes wrapped in banana leaves, a Cambodia speciality!

The white noodles were pretty interesting, it tasted like red wine!

Some Morning Glory (stir fried pork w/basil)

We had dinner at our hotel, and we had chinese- cambodian fusion style food! It was actually pretty tasty haha, better than the chinese food we had on previous days!

This was really dry...and kind of hard lol.

Cambodian sweet & sour pork!

Soy Ginger Fish!

The next day we visited more local markets!! :D

For lunch the next day they brought us to yet another chinese restaurant...

Mini shrimp!

After refuelling we went to visit more temples!! :D

How neat is this water bottle holder I got?! And it was only a dollar!!

We went riding in street cart buggies and it was AWESOME!! :D

Then afterwards we went boating!! :D

We visited a floating house!!

Then for our last meal they finallyy brought us to an actual Cambodian restaurant! :D

Fish cakes!! Chewy & bouncy!

Fried fish w/ citrusy dipping sauce!!

Sour mushroom soup!! :D

Egg crepe!!

Cambodian style sweet and sour fish!!

Right before we left for the airport, I had some deliciouss real mango icecream hehe!! Super satisfying since it was 35 degrees outside lol


  1. What a great post! I enjoyed reading it eventhough it took me most of the Sunday afternoon to read to the end. lol Just kidding!. Actually I really enjoy reading your funny stories in your blog. That what makes your food blog stands from the rest. I'm a big fan. Thank you for keeping us entertained. BTW that fruit you were asking about, I believe its called star fruit in English. Its called star fruit because of its shaspw when cut crosswise. We have lots of that in the Philippines but I haven't seen it at T&T.

    1. Awee thanks so much Jobeth!! Your comment literally made my day haha!! It's people like you who motivate me to keep posting! So THANK YOU!! :D
      And I'm relieved someone actually finds my lame jokes funny LOL!

      Thanks, now I know it's called star apple!! :D haha I was hoping T&T would have it!

      I'm a big fan of your instagram @crispylechon btw!! Your posts always make me drool LOL. And I love how you post everyday!! Keep up the great work Jobeth! :D

  2. I made a mistake. I said star fruit but I really meant star apple.

  3. Crispy ..... Crispy is here ? Hey long time ! Remember me, Lotus ? :-)

    Selina, glad you had a good trip to Cambodia (and that you'll be coming back earlier than planned). Some of those Chinese dishes at different restaurants look almost identical to each other. So much so that I thought maybe you uploaded the same pics multiple times. Just wondering if you find that with "modern" organized tourists groups traveling that there's some homogeneity happening ? And perhaps a little less authenticity ? Maybe this is more a symptom at hotels and restaurants that cater mostly to tour groups, and (hopefully) not so with smaller towns and establishments where locals still eat like locals, know what I mean ?


    1. Thanks Ken!! haha I'm super excited that we're coming back early, I miss Van so much!!

      LOL I know right, the food pictures do look really similar eh?
      Yea, I find that tourist groups try to appeal to the masses by going to buffets/eating at chinese restaurants because not everyone appreciates local/ethnic food and they're more comfortable eating food they're use to.
      The buffets in particular weren't very authentic and definitely catered toward the "tourist palate." Which is unfortunate for food enthusiasts like us LOL.
      The few times we did eat South Asian food the people in our group didn't like it and said that they preferred eating chinese food haha.

      And you raise a good point, if you're looking for authentic food your best bet would be to go to rural areas/smaller towns where the food is catered towards the local palate!! :D

      LOL you and @crispylechon would talk alot on Chowtimes *back in the day* right? I always see your conversations in the comments sections in their old posts!!

    2. Hi Selina,

      Yeah, "Joseph" and I go waaaay back ;-)

      Your line sent chills up my spine: "tourist groups try to appeal to the masses by going to buffets/eating at chinese restaurants because not everyone appreciates local/ethnic food and they're more comfortable eating food they're use to ...... The few times we did eat South Asian food the people in our group didn't like it and said that they preferred eating chinese food"

      That is so true, and very sad. Global travelling is a good thing for our modern society, yet this is one of those un-intended outcomes, where cultural homogenization creeps in because those in the hospitality industry can, and do, try to "mass" cater to as many visitors as possible. So a typical tourist in your group (or any group for that matter) may have traveled through Cambodia (or whatever destinations) and ate nothing but familiar foods they are comfortable with, as opposed to seeing/smelling/tasting/savoring/learning the local foods and ingredients, their ways of preparing, sourcing, customs and stories. Yes that's a big feat to aim for esp. for tourists groups that blow through destinations like hurricanes (or monsoons) at fast pace. It's great that those, like you, who *are* curious and *know better* do take the time to explore and discover local culture in more meaningful ways than simply enjoying hotel "McBuffets" !

      Look forward to your new posts :-)

    3. Ah, my thoughts exactly! Such is the nature of the tourism industry nowadays. It's unfortunate that they don't take the time to relish in the local culture and experience culinary epiphanies!

      Thanks for all your support, like always!! :D

    4. Hi Selina, Hi Jen,

      Yeah, Ken and I go way way back. Back when there was only a handful of Vancouver area food bloggers. Back when Instagram and Twitter weren't available yet. Back when Friendster and MySpace were more popular than Facebook. Back when browser of choice was Netscape. And lastly, back when the internet modem made a lot of noise when you try to go online. lol ������ (OK this will be last last. Back when people .use typed smiley's)

      @Ken - I still follow and read a lot of food blogs but I usually dont eave any comment.. I'm now more occupied with Instagram. Do you have an Instagram account?

    5. Woah you've been reading Vancouver food blogs for so long lol! I didn't even know such a thing existed back then haha!
      Just curious, who were the original vancouver food bloggers?

      LOL I've never heard of netscape! I guess I'm too young! ;)
      I remember MySpace but by the time I got my own computer it was already being phased out and everyone started using MSN instead!

      Haha how did you and Ken meet each other online? Was it through a blog? :)

    6. Crispy and I were on Chowtimes a lot. But even before Chowtimes I was a regular reader of (now offline for about 7 years) back around "turn of the millennium". At that time I intended to start up a food blog site with a dim sum club and that's where the LotusRapper name was born. The DS club lasted 2-3 times consisting of friends and colleagues but we lost the momentum (too many calories ??).

      Crispy and I met once or twice IIRC. The most recent time I believe was at this dinner event that I helped Ben organize:

    7. Forgot to answer your other question, Joseph. No I don't have an Instagram account.

    8. LOL I was suspecting your username had something to do with dim sum!! So I'm guessing you like lo mai gai? ;)

      Too bad the dim sum club fell through, sounds like it would have been so much fun!
      Why don't you start up your own food blog? You're probably one of the most knowledgeable foodies in van haha!! :D

      Looks like you guys had an awesome time at Red Star!! Wow, it must have taken you ages to narrow down your list to a few restuarants and pick the dishes haha! Good job!!


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