Acme Cafe - Brunch!

  "On Sundays we brunch."

Err, I brunch that is. Alone. LOL. Yes, I eat brunch alone.

"Who eats brunch alone?!"
I do.
I'm pretty much a loner. ;)

There's just something about sitting in a cafe, eating breakfast food, without being rushed, that calms the soul, yenno?

And you know what?
I like eating alone. No run rushes you (I'm looking at you, DAD!) and you get to focus on what you're eating, and you don't have to talk to anyone.
I actually don't talk that much in real life haha. I talk a lot on the internet though LOL.

  Lately (as in these past two weeks lol) I've made a habit of going to downtown/gastown/chinatown for brunch every sunday after church, and so far, it's been pretty darn awesome! :D
I had brunch at Tuc Craft Kitchen last week (blog post about that soon!) and I'm already planning where I'm going to have brunch next week hehe. Probably at Chambar or the Flying Pig! :D

  Yesterday I had brunch at Acme, I've been hearing people rave about this place for over an year now! I've passed by numerous times (on a full stomach lol) and yesterday I finally got to try them out!! :D

Wowerz, this is SUCH a good deal! Set your alarms!! ;)

Their lovely display case of goodies!! <3

Everything is made in house daily! Can I just live here, please? 

Daily Special - $12.95

Slow Braised Pork Breakfast Sandwich w/ Truffled Mushrooms & An Egg!
Seasoned Hash, and Almond Broccoli Salad $2

4/5 stars
  Everyday they have a selection of daily specials ranging from $10-$13! Yesterday when I went they had a frittata combo, a sausage/omelet of some sort, and this! 
 I'm always up for some slow braised pork hehe, especially in sandwich form! I wasn't disappointed! The braised pork was tender, moist, and flavourful, there was a generous amount of earthy, smokey mushrooms which imparted a rich truffle flavour...definitely not your run of the mill breakfast sandwich! They used a pretzel bun, which was nice and soft! Eat it quick though because the braised pork turns the bun!! 

2.5/5 stars
  The hash was quite good, instead of being in a complete "piece" like other brunch places, the hash strands were wispy and garnished with a concoction of spices!! The fruit on the side was a nice touch, so for around $13, I pretty much got a complete meal!! :D

Those truffled mushrooms were de-lishh!! :D

Broccoli Almond Coleslaw $2
3/5 stars
  I decided to swap out the salad for a side of 'slaw instead! :D The coleslaw was great: crunchy, tangy, and super fresh! The cranberries imparted a nice sweetness, and the almonds added a nice crunch! There was also a pickle on it haha

Lemon Meringue Pie $6.50
3.5/5 stars
  Can one go to Acme without ordering one of their famous pies? I think not ;)
But woah, at $6.50, that's a pretty pricey piece of pie haha! But hey, indulgence has a price tag!!
 All of their pies are made in house daily, and you can really taste the difference! The lemon flavour was super strong, so strong in fact that the sourness hurt my tongue LOL. The meringue wasn't too sweet, and the crust was perfectly crumbly and buttery! 

I sat at the counter, so I got an awesome view of all the action going on in the kitchen!! :D

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  1. $6.50 for a slice of pie is hefty, but it looks like it's worth the price :-)

    Funny we walked by there last week after lunching at Save-On-Meats (great lunch and even great-er service btw) and I only then remember about ACME ..... always falls off my mental radar as a place to eat in that area.

    Is the Vancity Noms FB page down or gone ?

    1. Ikr, $6.50 is pretty pricey, especially for such a small piece! But the quality made up for it! :)
      I was eyeing Save on Meats yesterday when I went haha! I've heard good things about their milkshakes and burgers! :D

      I made my fb page private for now! :)
      Were you trying to send me a message? Was the messaging disabled because it's on private?

    2. FB couldn't find Vancity Noms at all. Nevertheless, please FB msg me. Thanks Selina.

    3. You paid $5 for the small serving at Soft Peaks... ;)

      On the picture about the early bird special, that was back in February. Is it still going or a typo of sorts?

    4. @Anon
      hehe you make a good point ;)
      I succumbed to hype, and I ended up regretting it LOL, especially since I was allergic to it! :(

      They crossed out the Feb 1-28, and in pencil they wrote "Extended through March!" so the Early Bird Specials should still be going on!! :D If you can make it you should totally go! It's such a good deal!! :D

  2. that lemon meringue pie looks really good! I love lemon :D PS. feel free to call me for brunch ;)

    1. hehe it was delishh, but SO sour!
      haha we should totally do brunch sometime! ;)


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