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  Continuing on with my brunch streak, today I decided to hit up the undisputed king of brunching... Medina Cafe!! Can you guys believe I've never been to Medina? I know, I know, what kind of food blogger am I? ;)

 I was totally won over by my meal at Chambar, so of courseee I had to make a visit to Medina, their sister restaurant!! Medina is probably the most popular brunch spot in all of Van and they're famous for their belgian waffles and painstakingly long lineups!! Luckily I was by myself, so I only had to wait 3 mins for seat at the bar hehe! See? Brunching alone has its perks! ;)

   I was all giddy with excitement because so many respected foodies rave about their food!! Mijune (followmefoodie) even named one of their dishes (the fricasse) her favourite brunch dish of ALL time!! And that girl knows her food! ;)

  So today I got up bright and early, and hopped on the skytrain en route to Granville!  

  I was planning on ordering one of their famed waffles with a topping but when I got there it dawned one me...I DIDN'T BRING ENOUGH MONEY (good job Selina!) Everyone had one, and I could only look envy!! D: The torture was so real LOL.

  After counting my money, I only had enough for one entree + tips lol! I try to avoid using my card which keeps me from overspending (I have a budget to stick to!) because seeing that bill at the end of the month is SCARY!!

You can order a drink while you wait for a seat!! :)  Medina brews 49th parallel coffee!! 

Fricasse $17
4/5 stars
   Gee, my brunch habit is starting to get expensive LOL! After all the hype I've been hearing about this dish, I wasn't disappointed in the in the end, I was content with handing over my $17 haha! The portion size wasn't large, but it was still really sastisfying nonetheless!
  The braised short ribs were soo good!! Super tender, with just the right amount of fatty: lean pieces, in a deep, complex, red wined based sauce!! There were also some roasted potato pieces in there, which soaked up all the flavours of the sauce! The eggs were crispy and perfectly sunny side up. The apple straws added a nice kick and tied the dish together!! I only wish the portion size was larger LOL. One plate isn't enough! ;)


Grilled Foccacia
3.5/5 stars
  The fricasse was also served with a slice of grilled foccacia, which was just as good! It was spongy, soft on the inside, and crusty on the outside! :D It went perfectly with the fricasse!


Le menu!! (Click to enlarge) I want to try everything, EVERYTHING!!

Ahh...the waffles looked so tempting!

Ohh fancy sounding sodas! :)

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  1. Hey Selina, if you have the chance, try Waffles Gone Wild on Broadway in Kits, and Patisserie Le Beau near the Burrard bridge on the non-downtown side. I've been to Medina, and their waffles aren't as good as the places I mentioned.

    1. Hi Joey! :)
      Yayy, thanks for the recommendations, I love a good waffle! ;)
      I just took a peek at Waffles Gone Wild's menu...omg they have savoury waffles too!! The okonomi ones sounds awesome! :D Patisserie Le Beau looks just as good!!

      Looks like I won't have to go back to Medina for my waffle fix! ;)


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