Catch 122 - Brunch!

  What is up with me and brunch lately? Wasn't this suppose to be a once a week thing? Now it's become more of a semi-weekly occurrence LOL. There's just something about brunch that's SO calming. You know what I mean? It's different from...lunch lol! It's just different ;)

 I hope you guys aren't getting tired of all these brunch posts because I'm planning on continuing my brunch streak hehehe...what can I say, I'm addicted to brunching now!  



(You sound drunk Selina.) - But I'm not ;) 

  Once school starts I probably won't be able to go at such early times during the week...but most places serve brunch until 3 pm right? I sure hope so LOL. They should totally start making breakfast for lunch...or dinner a thing! ;)

  I tried going to Catch 122 yesterday but they were closed because they were installing a new awning! I tried taking a picture but you can't really see it because it's slanted. 

Very Gastown indeed. 

(Click to Enlarge) The ducketta poutine...OMG. <3  

Their happy hour specials!! The chicharrrons and crispy octopus sounds fantastic!! :D

The "Dirty" Breakfast $12
Duck fat toast, duck confit, sunny side up eggs, house made maple beans, yukon nugget potato hash

3.5/5 stars

  TIME TO GET DOWN AND DIRTY...with duck fat that is lol! The bread soaked in duck fat was so good!! I have a thing for duck fat...or fat in general ;)

  People always look at me in horror when I tell them that I love eating fatty substances, namely pork belly, fried chicken skin, duck fat, etc LOL!! Hey, a girl's gotta eat! ;)

  Everything was pretty solid, I especially loved the duck confit, toast, and hash!! The toast was really fragrant from the duck, and crunchy on the outside...but it wasn't oily at all! The duck was really flavourful, moist, and paired really well with the toast! The maple beans were sweet from the maple, and a bit tomatoey! The egg was sunny side up indeed, and the yolk was perfectly runny :D

Closeup of the Duck Confit!! Toasted bread soaked in duck fat goodness with tender pieces of pulled duck!! 

They keep the skins on, rendering the hash super crispy and flaky!! They were pretty aggressive with the salt, but you can always ask them to adjust it for you!

House made sausage + $3
3/5 stars

  I also added one of their house made sausages for $3! They also have house smoked bacon and ham! This was pretty good, juicy and plump, but it lacked flavour. But that can always be remedied with some salt! :)

Cheeky coffee illustrations on the walls heheh

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  1. Yummm I need to go back here too!!! LOL also their brunch is reasonably priced!

    1. lol so many brunch places, so little time!! ;)
      Catch 122 was soo good, reasonably priced too!! :D


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