Chambar - Brunch!

  Another Sunday...another brunch adventure with...myself! heheh
  So by now you guys probably know that every week I've made it a mission of mine to go for brunch every sunday after church!! So for today's brunch, my stomach (and my phone) brought me to Chambar in Gastown!! ;)

If I wasn't a food blogger I would probably make Chambar my default brunch spot's meal made me want to come back and trying everything on their menu! But alas, it's my duty as a blogger to eat at different places..and I won't stop until I've conquered the entire GVR!!! Or until my teenage metabolism fails ;)

When I went the place was packed, I didn't have a reservation, but luckily, since I was by myself, I managed to get seated right away without having to wait for a table! Chambar offers a lot of the same dishes as Medina Cafe, so if you're craving something from Medina but don't want to wait in line, go to Chambar instead!

  Ohh and if you guys have any recommendations for any happening brunch spots in the city, be sure to let me know!! C'mon now, don't be greedy, let me in on all the deets!! ;)

They're located right beside the Stadium-Chinatown sky train, super convinient for transit users like me! :D

Lovee the vibe in here! :D

Paella $15
1 fried egg, curried orzo, spicy Chambar sausage, zucchini, red pepper, roasted corn, grana padano. Watercress, avocado, tomato salad

3.5/5 stars

  This was awesome!! It totally lived up to all the hype I've been hearing about this dish! All the components of the dish worked beautifully together! There was one piece of chorizo sausage, sliced in two! It was wee bit spicy from the curry, juicy, and a bit smokey! Underneath the chorizo sausage there was a bed of rice, which was really well seasoned and super yummy!
  The cilantro tied everything together really well, the lime zest helped brighten up the flavours, and the added veggies/avocado added texture and interest!

  So on the website they had this listed as $14, but when the bill came, it was $15, so being the good penny pincher that I am LOL, I asked the waitress, and she said it was because they hadn't updated their website to match their prices!

So much yumminess on one plate!! :D

Ahh the waffles look soo good!! Especially with the dark chocolate lavender sauce! *drool*

Neat light fixture that was hanging above my head! :D

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  1. It looks pretty good! Maybe I can just go there instead of lining up for Cafe Medina haha ok the one time I went I didn't have to line up XD

    1. Hehe the paella was really yummy! You should totally try out Chambar if you're a fan of Medina! :D
      Ah lucky, I hate lining up for food because I always get so hungry waiting in line lol! ;)

  2. Oru for their brunch buffet, but it's a bit expensive...I think $35/person before tax and tip.
    Ask for their freshly squeezed orange juice though, it's really good. Service is great too, they'll happily accommodate you with any requests. If you ask for tabasco sauce, they give you these super cute little bottles of tabasco.

    1. Hi Joey!! :)

      Ahh I've been looking for a brunch buffet place, I've been on such a brunch kick lately! $35 is pretty pricey, but I bet it's worth it, the orange juice sounds so good! I just took a look at their menu and their entrees alone are $25 + , so $35 is pretty reasonable!
      hehe I love mini condiment jars lol, the mini tabasco ones sound so cute!! I'll definitely ask them for some!! :D

      Oh and guess what? I went to the steamed stinky tofu place by the YongAn Market MRT station you recommended!! I tried their vegetarian minced pork rice, steamed stinky tofu, and their cold vinegar noodles...everything was SO bomb hehe, especially their veggie rice (can't believe it was vegetarian!) I really liked the stinky tofu, the soup was so was also my first time trying a steamed version! Thanks again for the awesome recommendation! :D
      I almost went to the wrong one, there was another place near the library serving veggie minced rice LOL...but thankfully I double checked on Google Maps! :D

      I just haven't blogged it yet because I'm waiting until I get a new computer, because the one I'm currently using is really slow and can't process the amount of pictures from all of my trips haha. But I'll probably have those posts up in a few weeks or so! :D


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