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Yayy, my computer's fixed! But it's still pretty darn slow lol, so I'm probably going to get a new one soon!! :D

  So after getting my laptop fixed at Apple yesterday, my dad and I went to grab some lunch near Metrotown!! Knowing him, I knew better than to choose an expensive restaurant lol, so I chose the cheapest possible option, lunch at Green Basil!! Green Basil is located right across from Metrotown, a few doors down from Sushi Garden!! (I'm using sushi garden as a landmark because everyone knows where sushi garden is LOL.) GB offers up one of the cheapest lunch specials in the area, with an entire menu of lunch specials for $7.95!! :D

"So where do you want to go for lunch?" I ask my dad.
"Pho Hong."
"Why do we always have to go to pho hong?"
"There aren't any other good pho places nearby."

"How about Pho Tam and Pho Century?"
"We ate there a few months back, I didn't like it."
"But Pho Hong's closed for renovations."
He draws a blank and purses his lips.
"You can choose then."

From inside the car I spot Green Basil's signage advertising their $7.95 lunch special.

"Stop the car!! Green Basil's lunch specials are $8!! I repeat: $8!! "

His eyes light up. (We asians love a good deal lol!)
"Let's go."

After being seated, we're handed three menus. Two laminated ones: their lunch specials, chef specials, and a la carte menu.

Being the cheapo that I am, I skip the regular menu completely and zone in on the daily lunch specials LOL.

"Don't order any noodles or fried rice." my dad warns.
"Why not?"
"We're not going to get our money's worth. Order a meat dish!"

Thanks for crushing my pad thai dreams dad.

  I order for the both of us, and the food arrives quickly. The spring rolls come first, followed by my dad's curry, and my stir fried chicken.

"The lighting's really bad in here, I'm going to go near the windows!" I shamelessly take my plate of food over to the windows and snap a picture.

"What are you doing? Just take the picture here!!" (In my family, I'm the one who embarrasses my parents LOL)

"Nobody's looking anyways, it's for my blog dad!!"

  The lunch specials are a really good deal!! $10 can barely get you full these days!! 

Chicken w/ Wild Bangkok Delight Sauce
3.5/5 stars

  I didn't really know what to expect since I had no idea what "wild bangkok" sauce was haha. Expect that it was going to be spicy lol. Turns out it was a lovely concoction of chilli, taramind and spices, stir fried with veggies and chicken!! The veggies were crispy and plentiful, with the chicken being reasonably moist and flavourful. The sauce wasn't that spicy, it was actually pretty mild. The rice grains were separated and had a strong coconut flavour. This was a pretty generous portion so we both ended up full! :D

Pha Neung thick curry beef w/ coconut milk

3/5 stars
  My dad really enjoyed his pha neung beef curry!! The curry itself was quite thick, as promised, and wasn't watered down at all! There was an ample amount of crisp veggies which may have been to hide the fact that there wasn't alot of beef haha. The beef pieces were chewy and moist, we only wished there was more! The curry itself was well balanced, sweet, coconuty, with a creamy mouth feel.

Spring Rolls: 2/5 stars
Salad: 1/5 stars
  Green Basil uses wheat wrappers for their spring rolls, but I generally prefer spings rolls wrapped with rice wrappers because I like how they're "bubblier' haha. These ones were pretty standard. Crunchy on the outside, with a mushroom/cabbage filling on the inside. Bonus points for not being oily!

Both of our lunch specials came with a side of soup! I didn't get to try it because my dad gulped down both bowls when I went to the washroom LOL.

So what was my dad's verdict? Halfway through the meal he commented: I think I like this place better then that South Asian place in Landsdowne." I think he was probably referring to Tropika haha. I'm guessing he liked it, because he didn't have any complaints, which is pretty rare (for him LOL.)

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  1. GB isn't bad amongst the more "Westernized" Thai restos in the GVRD. And amongst that list, my fave is Thai Basil on Thurlow.

    Cheap, great-valued lunch ..... you coulda also gone to Green Bamboo ! ;-)

    Other great-valued lunches in the MoTown area .....

    Yakko Sushi (you've been there)

    Beautiful Island:

    The One (sister restaurant of Lao Shan Dong. Get the HUGE vegetarian fried rice; salty peppery chicken one of the best in GVRD)

    1. I agree, even though its not authentic thai fare, for the price, CB is pretty decent!! :D
      I just looked at some reviews of Thai Basil, I can't believe their lunch specials start at $5.95...that's so cheap!! Especially considering the area they're in!

      haha I almost forgot about Green Bamboo!! I'm still reminiscing about their good!! :D
      Yess, Yakko's another great option near Metro!! Their bento boxes are a steal!! :D

      I remember you told me about Beautiful Island a few months back!! Next time I'm in Burnaby, I'll have to check it out!

      Guess I'll have to go to the One without my dad LOL, since he doesn't let me order fried rice! ;)

  2. You may be shocked to hear that when Yakko first opened, their lunch special bento boxes were $5.95 !

    The One:

    Green Bamboo's most excellent rice flour--wrapped fried rolls:

    Ugh, I'm getting hungry looking at them !!

    1. Haha wow thats insane! $5.95?

      I've tried Green Bamboo's cha gios before and I have to agree, they're awesome!! Meaty, crunchy, and full of flavour! :D


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