Harvest Community Foods - Hipster Ramen!!

 Note- This is the last post with pictures from my damaged sd card lol, so sorry for the bad quality! By tomorrow everything will be back to normal! :D

  Sure, there's Santouka, Jinya, Kintaro, and Marutama, but sometimes you just want something different, something other than your usual shio, shoyu and miso, yenno? Well how about ramen made by "hipsters"(don't get offended hipsters) with local, substainably harvested, organic ingredients? Now that just sounds irresistible doesn't it? (and no, I'm not being sarcastic LOL...but it sounds like I am!)   ;)

  I honestly can't remember the last time I had udon in a restaurant. I still have bad memories of eating those udon packets from T&T growing up LOL... so I guess udon just never grew on me, I still prefer ramen hehe.
  So I have no idea why I ordered a udon instead of their ramen...clearly I wasn't thinking straight ...oh well! :D

  Harvest Community Foods is really neat because one side of the store operates like a mini Whole Foods - with a small selection of organic, local and artisan brands! They even sell jars of Earnest ice cream (but no scoops sadly) and juice from The Juice Truck! They also had samples of Erin Ireland's To-Die-For Banana & Lemon Loafs by the cash register, which I happily wolfed down hehe! And it was super yummy! I'm debating about going back and buying a whole loaf!! ;)

omg...candied bacon in ramen?!! :D

I like that guy's hair lol! He had it in a ponytail! :D

Udon w/ sake kazu chicken, watercress, shitake $10.95
Sorry about the blurry picture- this is the last post with pictures from my damaged sd card haha! :)

3.5/5 stars
   The broth was great!! Super fragrant, with lots of depth from the sake, and earthy tons from the mushrooms! It wasn't too salty either! The chicken was a bit dry, but soaking it in the broth helped a bit. There was also a tinge of spiciness from the garnishes of pepper! The generous amounts of watercress made it feel a lot healthier too! :D

  The udon noodles were solid: al dente, chewy, and perfectly cooked! I liked eating udon in mouthfuls because it feels like you have strands of chewy worms in your mouth hehe (am I weird or what?)

So healthy...and yummy!! :D

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