iWaffle Crepe House

I haven't eaten a crepe in months.
That's way too long to go without eating a crepe.
Am I right or am I right?! ;)
The last time I ate a crepe was at Ami's in New West. But that was a French crepe haha. The last time I ate a Japanese crepe was at Mazazu Crepe in Aberdeen! 

I've been meaning to try out this crepe place for yearss, but everytime I would pass by I would already be too full from eating at the Crystal Mall food court LOL. *sigh* such is the life of a foodie! ;) 
So many good eats, so little stomach space! 

icrepe is located inside Crystal Mall, beside the food court! It's a bit hard to find because they're located off to the side, just a few steps away from ilikeCoffee! They've been in business for years! I remember seeing them when I was 11 lol!

I look up at the menu. 
Strawberry and Nutella?
Nah, too boring. Not that I have anything against nutella. Oh wait, I do, I'm allergic to hazelnuts LOL.

Pork Floss and Pineapple?
That actually sounds pretty interesting, but I just had lunch lol.

Hmm, none of the sweet options really tickle my fancy.

"You can design your own crepe," the girl piques.

So, being the health conscious person that I am, I decide to go with OREOS WITH CARAMEL!! hehehe. How can you go wrong with oreos...and caramel sauce?! :D

*hinthint* I really want a crepe maker for christmas. Or a bubble waffle maker. I'm fine with either ;)

Caramel & Oreo Waffle
2/5 stars
  The crepe itself was pretty yummy! It was super crispy and thin, and had a subtle eggy flavour! But I was a bit disappointed by the fact that there was barely any filling inside! Cause I like my oreos ;)
Personally I thought it could have used a bit more caramel, because I could barely taste the caramel because the flavour was overwelmed by the crepe. But they probably used less caramel to cater towards the asian palette, since most asians like subtly sweet desserts! 

  Another issue I had was with the crepe holder, it had a strange chemical-y smell that really turned me off and made me lose my appetite haha.

  Oh, and eat it quick, because once it gets cold, it turns kind of rubbery LOL...which isn't very appealing!

Super thin and crispy! :D

I need more caramel sauce!! ;)

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  1. Funny that their wall menu has misspelled "waffel" :-D

    Maybe they "waffled" and weren't sure of the correct spelling ....... hahaha !!

    1. LOL...nice one! Thanks for the morning laugh! ;)


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