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  After going to Nuba yesterday, it totally piqued my interest for moarrr Lebanese food!! hehe. So today while I was strolling down the Drive (I haven't been in the area in soo long!) I came across this new Labanese place that had just opened up near the skytrain!! I wasn't purposely looking for a Lebanese restuarant, I just happened to pass by!! Jam is really similar to Nuba, it has that rustic/artsy charm that fits in perfectly with the whole vibe of the neighbourhood...it definitely screams "the Drive!"

  The service was awesome!! The girl serving me was so nice and she came back to check on me 5-6 times! When I was ordering I was being really indecisive (like always) and she was like "It's okay, I don't want to bother you, take your time!"

  Being the klutz that I am I knocked over my own chair while I was taking a photo and the entire restaurant stared LOL (See how embarrassing I am? You probably don't want to eat with me in public...ever!!)  ;)

  Their lunch specials are such a good deal! The portion sizes aren't as large as Nuba's, but you get quite a variety (a good balance of veggies/starches/meat) and everything is really well made!

  Random thing I just thought of:

Am I the only weird person who doesn't like eating *cold* hummus? I feel like it tastes better when its served at room temperature...cause let's be real, most things taste better warm (except ice-cream...) Would it be weird if I asked them to heat it up for me? LOL...as my dad likes to say "You're a MAH FAN LEN!!!" ;)
  Whenever I eat hummus at home I always heat it up...I hope I'm not the only one!! ;)
The same goes with pita bread, I love it when they serve it warm!!

Lovee the wooden display boxes on the walls! :D

Hot Mezze Plate $12.95
Makanik Sausage, Fattoush, Roasted Eggplant Hummus, Brown Rice
3.5/5 stars
  I loved how they used a plate with 4 separate sections!! I like it when my food doesn't cross contaminate LOL... *awkward silence*
(now I sound crazy) heheh.
   ANYWAYS...this was great! And for $12.95, you actually get a lot of food! Like Nuba, you can order the mezze dishes on their own or you can make it into a plate or wrap for a few dollars more!! 

Saj Bread
3.5/5 stars
  The san bread was served warm and it was actually quite a large piece!! Jamjar's bread is san bread, which is the "bubblier" softer kind, similar to naan, and has a light coating of flour. Nuba serves pita bread, which is flatter, drier and has a grainy texture!

Roasted Eggplant Hummus
3.5/5 stars
  This was pretty yummy and really visually appealing! :D The hummus was a bit clumpy, texturally it's not as smooth, but I didn't really mind! There was a heavy roasted eggplant flavour, mixed with olive oil!

  The brown rice the combo came with was equally as good, it was fluffy, fragrant, and the grains were separated! You also have the option to get roasted potatoes! 

Makanik Sausage
 Lamb, red wine, 7 spices
3/5 stars
  The sausages were really interesting, these had an exotic combination of spices that I couldn't pinpoint with a hint of red wine! Texture wise it wasn't very juicy, it was a bit rubbery, almost similar in texture to a tofurkey sausage LOL (a tofu sausage!) The lamb didn't taste gamey at all because the spices overwhelmed the gamey flavour! :D

Fattoush Salad
Cucumber, radish, romaine lettuce, tomato, saj crisps
3/5 stars
  I was having trouble deciding which salad to get haha, and the waitress recommended that I go with their fattoush, their most popular one! This was really tasty too! The saj scrips were essentially fried bread crisps, and they added a nice texture! The greens were fresh and dressed in a light, tangy vinegrette!

harhar "Jam" get it?!! Their name is Jam, but there isn't actual jam in the jar, because it's hummus!! CLEVERR...ya almost fooled me there Jam ;)

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  1. i would love to eat out with you! we would embarrass each other equally much LOL *knocks down utensils every 5 seconds*

  2. hehe then we could be equally as embarrassing...together! ;) *spills water all over table* <--Which always happens...then I have to switch tables, move my things and the waitresses give me the evil eye LOL!!
    I have yet to meet anyone who's as awkward as me in public! ;)

  3. I LOVE Jamjar!! It by far surpasses Nuba in terms of taste and service (for me at least). They serve the creamiest hummus and have this amazing white garlic sauce that is served with their chicken skewers or as a choice of sauce for the wraps. Reading your post makes me want to go back and refill my hummus jar :D

  4. hehe Jamjar was awesome!! I'll have to try their chicken skewers with the garlic sauce next time, sounds so yummy!! :D
    Hehe go and refill your hummus jar, and bring some back for me! ;)


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