Nuba Yaletown

  Yesterday I was planning on going for brunch (We all's getting old Selina!! LOL ;)
But then I had this sudden hankering for a burger hehe (or meat in general.)

 After a quick internet search I decided to head downtown to visit The Stackhouse Burger Bar since they're currently having their $7 burger special (burger + a side), and their burgers are normally $10+ on their own!! 

   But when I got there, to my horror, they were closed (even though their sign says they open at 11!) WHY?!! I was looking forward to stuffing my face with one of your glorious burgers Stackhouse!! *sigh* I guess my cravings will have to wait another day! ;)

  With my stomach growling louder I just couldn't wait any longer lol so I had to find somewhere else to eat!! The Twisted Fork was close by but since it was saturday, I knew I would have to wait for a table so I went to Nuba instead, right when they opened!

 Nuba specializes in Lebanese/Middle Eastern food and they have 4 locations: in Gastown, Kits, Mount Pleasant, and this one, in Yaletown! 

  I'm going to be honest with you guys, I'm not exactly an authority on Lebanese food LOL (but thats nothing google can't fix right?) soo you're going have to take my opinion with a grain of salt! ;)

  I know, I know, I was craving meat and then I went and ordered an all vegetarian meal?!! ...

Najib's Special - Lunch Plate $12.95
Roasted cauliflower, hummus, pita bread, olives, salad, roasted potatoes
3/5 stars
   Wow, I don't think I've ever gotten so full off of a fully vegetarian meal LOL. Usually I'm still hungry after and end up eating a second meal hours later! ;)
  Nuba's lunch combos are a great deal, you can get any one of their dishes in a plate, as an appy, or in a wrap! The person beside me ordered a wrap and that thing was HUGE!! I am so getting that next time!!

 I went with a plate for more of a variety! Their cauliflower is one of Nuba's signature dishes, they're fried, and dusted with an delectable blend of salt and lemon! You have a choice between getting roasted potatoes or rice as a side and I went with the potatoes!! The potatoes were okay: soft on the inside, but they were a little bland! The hummus was smooth, but could have used a touch more garlic. The tahini that came on the side was great and added a kick of spice! I would have preferred if the pita bread was served warm, but other than that, it was decent. The olives on the side were really yummy, juicy and packed with flavour! 

Isn't it pretty? ;) 

(Click to Enlarge) Their menu!! Their la feast is a great option because you get a bit of everything!!

Their Yaletown location is one of their smaller ones, there's no table service so you have to order and pay at the front! :D

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