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  Since school's starting in a month, a few days ago I went to the ubc bookstore to pick up some supplies!! I was going to eat off campus, but then I got hungry LOL. With my stomach rumbling, I had to find somewhere to eat, ASAP. Cause I get #hangry ;)

  It's going to feel so weird starting up after a 3 month hiatus lol! I took the winter semester off to go to asia with my mom, so now I have to make up for it by taking courses in the!! So while everyone's sipping margaritas on the patio, I'm going to be sitting in a classroom writing lecture notes D:

  I usually don't like eating on campus because 1. the options are really limited, 2. the food's generally overpriced and 3. Everything is pretty mediocre haha. But if you guys want to see more campus food, I'll gladly eat it for ya! LOL ;)

  I've never been to Only U Cafe, but it's one of the busier cafes (especially for brunch) on campus! They're located near McDonalds, not too far from the bus loop! They're on the other side of the building across from Starbucks so you really have to look for it!

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Veggie Burger w/ Pesto Mayo & Avocado $11.99
2.5/5 stars
  This was okay. For the price, I could've gone somewhere else and gotten a better burger haha.While the patty was quite substantial, it didn't taste all that great, and the patty itself was a bit too mushy in texture and fell apart too easily.The bun was nice and soft, and there was a generous amount of pesto in there though with large chunks of avocado! :D

Lots of avocado! :D

3/5 stars
  Man, I haven't had crinkle cut fries in forever lol! These ones were pretty good, crispy, soft on the inside and sprinkled with a salt/cayenne seasoning!! 

(Click to Enlarge)

Banana Bread from Willingdon Church! $1.50
3/5 stars
  Here's what I had for breaky yesterday! Every week I eat breakfast at church, I'm addicted to their pastries hehe. I'm pretty sure they make them in house, and they're pretty tasty!! Super moist and soft, with a ton of bananay flavour! I usually rotate between this and their lemon loaf haha! If you go to Willingdon, you should try it out! ;)

  Maybe I should start posting what I eat for breakfast from now on haha. Except these days I haven't been eating breakfast (terrible I know lol) because I've been waking up really late. 
But once school's starts, you'll likely spot me at your neighbourhood cafe in the morning eating a muffin and drinking from a juice box LOL. I hope I'm not the only 19 year old who still drinks juice boxes ;)  Heyy, they're really convenient okay!! 

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  1. I really love how you add pictures of the menus now. Its really useful!! Thanks :)

    1. Yayy glad you find it useful Alice! Thanks for reading!! Have a awesome day!! :D


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