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  Hey look, a new restaurant just opened up in Aberdeen!! At first I thought this was a high tea place haha (they do have high tea though) but turns out Sugarholic is actually a chinese-fusion restaurant that also serves drinks and desserts!! They even have macarons, cake, and honey box toasts!!

  Their honey box toasts are really popular, but I didn't order it because 1. It was $10 and 2. I'm more of a savoury person! Okayy, mainly because it was $10 LOL. Hey, gotta save my pennies for tuition! ;)

  The only other place that I know of in Richmond that has honey box toasts is Whatever Cafe, but they're only open after 5pm, so I've never had the chance to try it out!

 On the topic of Aberdeen, I noticed some new additions to the food court...looks like its my duty to check it out haha! I haven't eaten in the Aberdeen food court in so long, looks like a trip is warranted! :D

  Sugarholic serves fusion style asian food, combining Chinese, Italian, Taiwanese, and Japanese inspired dishes! I've only had fusion pasta a handful of times, the most recent being at Cafe Grazie in Taipei, where I had pomelo-mentaiko spaghetti hehe...and yess, it's awesome as it sounds! ;)

Sugarholic is located across from the fountains by daiso! They're run by the same company as Estea Berevage Club, which has a location in the Aberdeen food court and in Burnaby!

How cute is the decor? Andd you guys know I'm a sucker for cute looking things ;)

Prawn Pasta w/ Creamy Rose Sauce $12.95

3/5 stars
   There was a subtle rose flavour but it was mostly overpowered by a strong basil flavour. The pasta itself was modestly seasoned without being too salty, and the noodles were al dente, and didn't clump together! It was a pretty generous portion but after finishing I was still hungry LOL. But maybe that's just because I have a bottomless stomach ;)

Homemade Shrimp Balls w/ Passionfruit Mayo $7.95

3.5/5 stars
  These little guys were really tasty! They had a nice crunchy exterior, and the inside was filled with bouncy black pepper shrimp balls! The outside was drizzled with a healthy coating of sweet mayo, which really did taste like passionfruit! In another review someone said that they couldn't taste the passionfruit flavour, but the passionfruit flavour was really strong in mine! :D

So many yummy looking desserts!! :D

(Click to Enlarge!) 

They're lunch specials are a really great deal, for $12.50 you get a drink, which would normally go for $4!! :D

The drink you get to choose with your lunch special!!

They even have afternoon high tea!! A bit pricey, but other than L'opera Patisserie, their aren't any other options for high tea in Central Richmond! 

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  1. I don't think I have seen any new stands opening in the food court. When was the last time you went before this visit? Actually, the only one that might be opening sometime soon is a stand to the far left (beside the entrance to the washrooms), where Vera's used to be. Not sure what they will be serving.

    Oh, there is nothing wrong with strong basil taste! ;)

    1. Hi Anon! :)
      The last time I went was in December, before I left for Asia, a few stalls have popped up since the last time I went! Yea, Vera's didn't survive eh? Can't wait to see who's going to occupy that spot haha! :D

      Hehe I lovee basil, so there's definitely nothing wrong with a strong basil flavour!! :D

  2. Oh no, Vera's closed ?? Too bad ! The only non-Asian vendor in that food court, sigh. I guess it's hard to compete with the customers are dominantly Chinese and prefer Asian foods.

    1. They did! :(
      As did their predecessor, Triple O's! Non- asian vendors don't last long in there lol! At least you can still get your Vera's fix elsewhere haha! :D

    2. I was rooting for Vera's, even had my son and his friends eat there "just to make a point" of not eating Chinese. Guess we lost.

      White Spot was there before ? ....... didn't even know (or notice). Guess they *really* didn't last long either.

    3. Yea, it's too bad they closed eh? Sometimes you just don't feel like eating asian food haha, so it's nice to have other options!
      Triple os lasted about a year and a half, and then Veras took over!

    4. I think the problem was it was too commercialized type of food court. Most western food courts are all big name corporate run joints with the odd independent business that makes money through being a preferable alternative. An independant burger joint may had drummed up more business.

    5. Hi Unkown!! :)

      I agree, you make a really good point haha!! An independent burger joint would have probably survived longer!!

      Asian food courts are most often independently run, which definitely adds to their appeal! (with the exception of a few stalls in Aberdeen, Saboten & Beard Papa's for example)

      Since Triple O's & White Spots are everywhere, people tend to gravitate towards more unique, family operated stalls that aren't available elsewhere!

      Western food courts are littered with chains, with one independent business in the mix haha! Since people love supporting local businesses, they often choose to eat there, instead of at the well known brand next door!


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