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  I haven't eaten in the Aberdeen food court in months!! Not going to lie, the Aberdeen food court is one of my favourite (foodie) places hehe. I have a thing for food courts, asian food courts in particular, and Richmond is saturated with em!! :D  

 Oh, I totally forgot to tell you guys I got the worst case of diarrhea after eating at Tsim Chai a few days ago LOL. Seriously, it was BAD. I didn't sleep until 3 am because I kept going to the washroom - 7 times to be exact.  My dad also got food poisoning but mine was worse LOL. (That's what you get for eating out everyday Selina!!) Other than the food from Tsim Chai, the only other thing I ate that day was Hon's dumplings for dinner (which I eat 1-2 times a week.)

  A few new stalls have popped up since the last time I ate here (which was a few months ago!) This stall, Szechuan House, and a new Shanghainese stall beside Mambo Cafe!!  Szechwan House is one of the newer additions to the food court, I think they opened a few months ago when I was on vacation haha! 

  They have your basic szechuan staples like mouth watering chicken, hot & sour soup, spicy chilli wontons, cold noodles, etc! The girl working there was so nice! Seriously the best service I've ever received at a food court! She was genuinely friendly, answered my questions, and didn't look bored (which is pretty impressive) LOL. 

  The food did take a while (by food court standards, around 20 mins) but at least that means the food is freshly made to order and not pre made! :D

(Click to Enlarge) So many mouth watering choices hehe :D

Szechuan Dan Dan Mien $7.95
Mildly Spicy 
Noodles: 3.5/5 stars
Flavour: 3/5 stars

  This was a lot better than I was expecting!! The noodles were surprisingly solid: al dente, *qq*, and the strands didn't stick together! I'm not sure if they make them in house or not, it was hard to tell LOL. The flavours were bold, very fragrant, with a bit of nuttiness from the chilli oil! The meat sauce was flavourful but it kind of gets lost when you mix it together!

  Like most Szechwan places, you can adjust your level of spiciness and I went with mild...because I'm pathetic like that ;)   I was going to go back and order their spicy chilli oil wontons but I didn't have any stomach space left..the noodles were surprisingly filling LOL.

Pro Tip:
Before digging in mix everything together and eat from the bottom up (this is important LOL, it maximizes flavour!) With dan dan mien all of the flavour drains to the bottom so the top half is usually bland, and you don't want bland noodles now do you?! ;) 

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