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  If you read my last post about Acme Cafe, you'll know that I started a tradition (with myself LOL, how lame is that?) of having brunch in gastown/downtown/chinatown on Sundays!! So last week I decided to continue the tradition and go for a "proper" brunch at Tuc!!

  I wish I could go for brunch everyday. Oh waitt, I do (in a sense) since I've been skipping breakfast lately LOL... these days I've been waking up around 9:30 and by the time I get around to eating it's already 11! Soo technically I eat brunch everyday. Which is great for my health, I know ;)

  But lately I've been eating Skyflakes in the morning (does that count as breakfast?) and they're so darn addicting!! 
  I haven't had skyflakes in forever, they're a filipino classic! But the box is so hard to open! Is there some kind of magical method of opening the box that I don't know about?! I had to literally cut open the box with a kitchen knife to get to my crackers!! (it was worth it.) 

(Click to Enlarge) I am SO coming back for their chicken and waffles hehe ;)

I wanted to order their crispy bacon & egg but for my healths sake, decided against it since I was already having 2 eggs with my lamb haha!! :D

Their lavender latte!! <33

Lamb & Eggs
Free run eggs, slow braised yakima valley lamb shoulder, argula, parsnips,cranberries, BC new potatoes $13

3.5/5 stars

  This was pretty yummy! It was served piping hot, and the iron skillet kept it hot for a long time! The lamb was really tender, and flavourful without being aggressively salted! The parsnips and argula kept things interesting by adding texture and flavour! The potatoes were well seasoned and layered between pieces of succulent lamb. The eggs were nice and crispy, and the yolk was perfectly runny!

Pork Belly Crackling $4
w/ star anise red wine reduction & coarse salt
4/5 stars
  OMG, this was awesome!! I mean, it's FRIED PORK BELLY. With a star anise red wine reduction dipping sauce. Need I say more? ;)

  The pork belly was oh so tender on the inside, with the perfect lean : fatty ratio, and perfectly crunchy on the outside! The red wine reduction made it that much more awesome, I could really pick up the star anise flavour along with a heavy red wine base. 

I took secret photos of the drinks in front of me when the staff weren't looking hehe!

And this one!! :D

I sat at the counter, so I got a great view of the staff mixing up drinks!! :D

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  1. I need to try their chicken and waffles too! I tried the berries and waffles it was alright

    1. The person next to me was eating it, and the waffles and fried chicken pieces were HUGE!! It looked so yummy hehe! It's supposedly the "best" C&W in Van!! :D

  2. I forgot to mention I love your newly added blogroll at the bottom!! now I'll know when they update lol I follow those blogs too on a daily basis. The one Chowtimes had was very useful now that its gone I'm glad you started :)

    1. Yayy, I'm so happy that someone's actually using it! ;)
      Ikr, I was addicted to checking their blogroll on a daily basis, and I was so bummed when they deleted it! But now I have my own, so all is well in the world again LOL :D

  3. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I missed the Chowtimes blogroll too.

    1. Hi Areta!!
      You're welcome!! :D
      It was a sad day when I found out they deleted their blogroll LOL. But now we have a replacement haha! :D

  4. Starting a tradition with yourself is awesome!

    When I used to volunteer near Commercial-Broadway, I made a tradition of arriving early and visiting a cafe along Commercial Drive each week!

  5. Hi J!! :D
    Hehe thanks! I thought my idea was pretty lame at first, but I've been loving it so far! :D
    Awe visiting a cafe each week sounds like such a cute tradition We all need our "me" time haha! Maybe I should start something like that! ;)


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