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  Whenever I'm with my dad we eat at the most boring places LOL. Well, when he's paying...he makes the decisions. He refuses to believe that anything other than Chinese and Japanese is edible (a lot of old asian people I know are like that) My grandma (I see where my dad gets it from) actually refuses to eat anything other than chinese food and calls everything else disgusting LOL. Which is a shame really...because they miss out on so much! There's more to food than dim sum and rice!!

   I don't have anything against Bubble World, but the food's just not that exciting...you know what I mean? I really like their bubble teas though (their taro slush is so good hehe!) Once school starts up again in a few weeks I'll be eating at more interesting places since I'll be eating alone ~ and then I'll finally be free to eat whatever I want!! :D

  I try to be as creative as possible with ordering, but my dad always sticks to what he knows, and if I try ordering something different, he'll protest!  I was thinking about ordering the "Fruity Beef w/ Rice" or the "Orange Osmanthus Pork" off of their new menu but my dad was like

"Stop eating weird stuff!! That's why you're as skinny as a rat!! Why can't you eat normal, healthy food?"

"What's normal food to you dad?

"Rice and meat!!"

"This is rice and meat!!" (points at the fruity beef w/ rice)

"Not that kind of rice and meat...normal meat!!"

"But Dad...normal is boring!!"

"So? Why can't you be more normal Selina?! You don't even eat properly, and you call yourself a food blogger?"


I tried ordering it anyway but the waitress said those dishes weren't available..which pleased my Dad LOL.

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I pretty much ordered the same dishes at both places lol!!

3 Cup Chicken
2/5 stars
  My dad went with their 3 cup chicken! 3 cup chicken is a taiwanese classic!! Bubble World's version was just "meh" lol...Pearl Castle definitely does it better! The sauce was overly salty and there wasn't enough 3 spice, so all we could really taste was soy sauce. The chicken wasn't very tender either and the portion size was on the small side.

 Hakka Style Stir Fried Pork & Squid
3.5/5 stars

  I've never seen anyone order this at Bubble World (everyone always gets their chicken nuggets lol) but wow, I was surprised how good this was LOL. I'm a huge fan of hakka food, the last time I ate it was in taiwan two months ago!! This particular dish had bean curd, green onion, bits of squid, and pork in it! It was full of flavour, subtly spicy, with a tinge of sweetness! The portion size was pretty large as well!

Boiled Veggies w/ Minced Meat $5.50
3/5 stars
  Why on earth do we keep paying an arm and a leg for boiled veggies that we can make for 50 cents at home?! LOL. I actually had the same dish at Kick S Good yesterday haha!! Bubble World's version was pretty decent, alot better than Kick Good's!! There was alot more minced meat and the bak choy they use is the more expensive kind haha!

Side dishes
2.5/5 stars
  Our two combos also came with a side of rice and 2 side dishes!! The side dishes weren't bad, the boiled edamame beans were seasoned with garlic, and the bean curd was nice and flavourful!! 

Here's a look at their new menu!! 
You can find their entire menu online here: http://bubbleworld.ca/index.php/sites/menu


  1. I know a lot of folks of the parents' generation who are like that. A product of their formative years (which may have been very tough through the war years) and the culture. That aside, I also do agree in a way, that Asian foods are "better value" in Greater Vancouver from a price standpoint. I still recall a meh (at best) meal I had with my family and my parents (5 people total) at Oakridge White Spot. Each person just had a regular meal, no expensive drinks or even desserts afterward. The tab came to over $80 before tax and tips. Seriously ? I've never been a fan of WS (other than their coleslaw) so to pay that kind of coin for a super-meh meal just broke the straw for me. WS is on my "no-fly zone" of restos.

    Does your Dad venture into Korean food ? Vietnamese/Cambodian ?

    1. My dad eats Korean and Vietnamese food, but his main complaint is that he doesn't see the value. Korean food is pretty pricey in Van, so that's why we don't eat it that often. Whenever we go to a Korean restaurant the only dish he'll order is the bibimbap, which he doesn't even like LOL! He never orders soup or noodle dishes because he feels like he doesn't get his money's worth - which kind of limits his options since a lot korean dishes are soup based!

      As for Vietnamese food, he complains that pho is just an overpriced bowl of plain noodles with a few slices of beef on top LOL. He does like lemongrass chicken though! So at the end of the day, it all comes down to value!!

      And yep, I completely agree! They were definitely influenced by the culture around them and their formative years during the war!!
      haha asian food is better value!! $10 can get you a pretty decent meal in Van! I bet if Chinese food was more expensive, my dad wouldn't eat it LOL!

      haha WS is pretty overrated...but it's a classic, so I guess that's how they stay in business! But wow, $80 is pretty pricey for a few meals excluding drinks!

  2. omg my dad is exactly like this! for the longest time he refused to eat Japanese food too.. >.>

    1. LOL asian parents right? ;)
      They'll only eat what they're familiar with and refuse to try food from different cultures haha. My mom's completely different though, she loves trying new, exotic dishes LOL!
      What was your dad's reaction to trying Japanese food for the first time? :D

    2. Some of the older Chinese generation folks don't like Japanese food not because of the food, but because they have less-than-favorable childhood memories of WWII and the negative experiences that were associated with the Imperial Japanese aggression in China.

    3. You're right! Whenever the topic of Japan/Japanese people come up in conversation, on the news, etc, my grandparents always mutter under their breath "Those evil Japanese, how they treated Chinese people during WW2"

      Unfortunately negative connotations so deeply embedded within culture are hard to change.

    4. well its not like he never tried it.. like you guys mentioned, it was due to the historical kind of things that kept him from eating the cuisine. ._.


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