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  Read my previous review of Cartems here, where I reviewed 14 (yes 14!!) different donuts:
Cartems Donuterie - The Ultimate Review!!

  I wish I lived near Cartems. Actually, it's probably a good thing that I don't because you would probably find me there everyday LOL - and diabetes would probably be knocking on my door in no time! Their donuts are just THAT good!!! As much as I hate forking over $3 for a piece of round dough, it's seriously worth every single penny hehe. I like Cartems a lot better then Lucky's. I've heard amazing things about Lee's Donuts on Granville Island but I have yet to try them (I really want to though!)

  I've tried most of their flavours (other than the ones with nuts in them and their limited edition ones.)  :D Yep, I'm pretty much a certified Cartems Superfan LOL!! They should implement a stamp card system or something so I can FEED MY ADDICTION without feeling too guilty ;)

  The other day when I went there were two other people with dslrs like me LOL taking photos of their donut in every feasible direction...I wonder if they were bloggers too? I always wonder when I see people taking pictures of their food haha!


Their earl grey sure is SOMETHING<3

Worthy of a lone photo LOL.  I wanted to get this but they sold out!! *sadface*

Omg the honey parmesan is one of my faves!!

The vegan version of fruit punch is SO good!

Fruit Punch - Vegan & Gluten Free

MY Homer Simpson donut tehe ;)

3.5/5 stars
  This was really good!! In my mind, I was expecting this to taste like a cough drop of some sort (am I the only person who thinks fruit punches taste like medicine?) LOL because of the name haha,  but it was anything but!! It was mildly sweet with a strong fruity/herbal flavour that was really enjoyable!! :D

  Cartems' gluten free donuts are smaller than their regular ones because they don't get "puffed up" from all the gluten haha!! The texture is different too, it's more dense, not as airy, and more cake like in texture, whereas their regular donuts are more bread like in texture!! I think I actually prefer these donuts over their regular ones lol!! (yes I'm weird)

I just love the texture of their gluten free donuts!! :D

 33 Acres Nirvana
3/5 stars
  33 Acres donut form!! I haven't tasted an actual 33 acres beer lol, so I have nothing to compare this to! But the flavour was really interesting and there was definitely some achoholic elements in there (really descriptive Selina) ;)   This donut was huge, just a little smaller than their apple fritter! The inside was really soft and not dense at all!

They even sell pints of Earnest Ice cream now!! :D But no scoops sadly....they should though hehe. Cartems + Earnest = HEAVEN.

They even have lunch options now!! Ohh, the beef curry bun sounds so good!! :D


  1. Whisky Bacon is my fave, followed by Salted Caramel, Earl Grey, Bee Sting, Triple Chocolate Threat and Maple Walnut in random order.

    BTW, speaking of Bee Sting (actually a German cake called Bienenstich), if you've never been, go to Breka Bakery Cafe (various locations) and try their Beesting cake ...... amazingly delish !

    1. mmm I lovee their whisky bacon too! The saltiness of the bacon, combined with the flavour of the whiskey with a bit of sweetness from the donut...simply brilliant!! :D

      The Bienenstich sounds awesome!! Whenever I go to Breka I'm always overwhelmed by the agonizing amount of choices haha, but now I'll know what to get!! :D

  2. yummmm I love their donuts!!! You should try the Earl Grey stuffie :)

    1. hehe isn't Cartems just the best?! :D
      OMG they have the earl grey in a stuffie version?!! I HAVE TO TRY IT!!! Thanks for feeding my donut addiction Naomi LOL!! ;)

      I'll have to call in and ask if they have it, since they rotate their selection everyday! :D

    2. hahaha no problem ;) #thisiswhyimfat LOL

  3. Fruit Punch !!

    1. LOL that's exactly the image I had in my mind!! ;)


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