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  So is this where all the hipsters hang out and eat their $8 avocado toasts? Yep, you heard that right, their avocado toast is $8 LOL. I keep seeing pictures of those fancy looking slices of avocado toast on instagram!! But the $8 isn't for the avocado. It's for the bread! Nelson has ah-mazing house made bread. Everyone comes here for their bread - and their overpriced avocado on toast of course ;)  Yea, it's nothing fancy, but it's not meant to be. It's simple food, done right!! :D

  The inside of Nelson the Seagull looks a bit like my house LOL. Yes, my dad was a hipster long before it became "cool" LOL. The furniture, the artwork, are all strangely reminiscent of home. He's really into rustic/old school decor, our house is littered with antiques haha. Case in point: Yesterday he brought out his vintage radio wrapped with a wood/brown leather trim (so hipster dad) and and we danced to retro american music in our backyard LOL. *fun times*

  Since moving in with him his hipster ways have really rubbed of on me LOL (is that why I've been hanging around Gastown so much?!)

  I showed my dad the pictures in this post and he was really impressed with the decor!! He was like "Wow, this is a restaurant? Where is this?" And I was like "This is so you right?!" and he nodded in silence LOL.

   I should really bring him here sometime. For the ambiance though, not the food (cause he'll probably think its overpriced haha!)

  You guys probably don't know this about me - but I'm allergic to raw nonorganic veggies/fruit!! If it's boiled/heated then it's fine, but I'm allergic to raw veggies because of the pesticides on them!! That's why I don't eat fruit that often (terrible I know) I can only eat organic fruit and my grandma hates me for it LOL...but I can't help that I'm allergic to pesticides!! :(

  In my mind I was hoping that Nelson would use organic veggies (I forgot to ask) but turns out they don't...because after my first bite I got a huge lump inside my mouth and it started bleeding!! :(

Picnic Board $15
Bread: 4.5/5 stars
Roast Beef: 3/5 stars
Hummus: 3.5/5 stars

  How cute is this little board?! It's exactly what you would bring on a picnic, miniturized hehe!! The picnic board includes "a selection of their best items" and it's better value than their sandwiches haha. The bread was goood stuff!! It was super moist - not dry at all, and springy in the middle! The outer crust was super crunchy and really fragrant!! The picnic board also came with hummus, spinach chutney, and an apple compote of some sort - all were delish - especially the chutney hehe!! Really good smeared on bread ^^ The roast beef was a bit tough for my liking, but there was alot of it and it was seasoned with some salt & pepper! :D

Their menu is super simple! :)

This chest of drawers is absolutely massive - I want one!! ;)

They had old school tennis rackets and skates hanging inside their washroom!! :D

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  1. you have a cool dad there. (; and wow it must be a luxury being allergic to pesticides! i secretly wish i had that too so i can always have organic produce hehehe.... is that bad.

    1. Having a hipster dad does have its perks!! LOL ;)

      Being allergic to pesticides sounds good in theory, but it's actually a complete nightmare haha!
      I can never eat the salads they serve in restaurants and I always have to pick off pieces of veggies from my meal - and it sucks having to eat my burgers/sandwiches without lettuce and tomato (unless I'm at an organic place) LOL.

      hehe but it would be a good excuse to buy organic produce all the time eh? But being organic isn't all that it's cracked up to be! ;)

    2. it's that bad? aweh.. ._. well guess you're destined to eat at all the fancy organic restaurants then! xD


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