Nori Casual Japanese Restaurant - Hidden Gem!!

  Gosh I had such a bad day today LOL. (I rarely talk about negative stuff on here do I?) First, I failed my Class 5 road test...the second time!! D:  And as if that wasn't already enough...I had to listen to my dad rant for 2 hours about how terrible a driver I am and how he passed his test on his second try, so "Why can't you Selina?!" Gee, thanks for being so supportive dad!! Asian parents *sigh*

And then, I had to go to the emergency room because of a sharp, stabbing pain below my left chest...haha, and the tests took 4 hours...turns out it was because of stool buildup (sorry for the graphic image) in my intestines. So we had to go to London Drugs to pit up some laxatives so I could my business ;)

  But honestly, I'm still laughing at the hilarity of it all (whilst I'm in pain from all the cramping) - Oh, "whilst" is a British thing isn't it? I've never heard anyone use the word here, not in Vancouver at least!!

  Anyways...suffice to say, the best part of my day was definitely lunch LOL (isn't it always?)
Yep, at the end of the day, food is the only thing that won't let you down!! ;)

   We had lunch at Nori Casual, in the Guildford 'hood, and it totally cheered me up!! My dad really likes Nori, it's an authentic Japanese run mom&pop shop that specializes in donburi (similar to Hi Genki!) You can tell they put a lot of effort into their food, everything tastes really homemade...super comforting, especially on a blah day like this!!

  The family who runs this place is so nice!! Especially the dad, he's the one who serves the food/takes your orders, and he's always smiling!! During our meal he was like "So you like to take pictures eh? My doctor does too, she took all the photos of the dishes on our menu!" haha!! :D

   After we were done and we got up to leave, the dad, the mom, and their daughter (I'm assuming) all came out to say goodbye, which I thought was so cutee! :D

  Oh, I forgot to mention, I had McDonald's for breakfast today...and not going to lie, it was bad LOL. But that's another blog post ^^

Korokke $1.25

Woah...I just realized how HD this photo looks hehe, yay!!  Am I finally getting better at this whole picture taking thing? (You wish Selina)

4/5 stars

  I never realized how much I love those cute little potato patties until now! This was another super solid version of korokke!! They use katsu breading for the exterior, which makes the whole thing SUPER flaky - the mouth feel is just superb!! I love it, I just love it! I also like how they added sauce on top - sweet japanese mayo/teriyaki sauce, the same combination they use on okonomoyaki and takoyaki!! :D
The inside is is really soft/mushy and fragrant with a heavy japanese curry flavour! They have this listed on the menu as a"Must Try!!" and I agree, this is definitely a must try! :D 

Unagi Don Bento!! $10.50

Unagi Don

This picture also looks creepily HD...LOL!

3.5/5 stars
  This was such a cute mini unagi don!! I can't get over how pretty it looks (gawd, stop being a teenage girl Selina) Anyways...LOL, this was pretty tasty! I appreciated how the unagi pieces weren't overglazed with sweet teriyaki sauce, so the natural flavours of the fish really shone through. The sesame seeds/seaweed helped add a punch of flavour! The rice on the bottom was well done, chewy, and it held up well and didn't get soggy from the contents!

Tempura & Cali Rolls
Tempura: 2.5/5 stars
Cali Rolls: 3.5/5 stars
  The tempura was alot better than last time!! Last time the tempura batter was a bit thick and flat - but they've definitely im proved! There's still room for improvement though, the tempura batter could be a bit "airier!" The cali rolls are great though!! You can definitely tell that these were very carefully made...just look at how neatly packed it is!! I also really like how they don't overdress the roll with mayo, so the flavours balance out!

Chirashi Don $11.95
3.5/5 stars my complete shock my dad decided to get something other than his usual sashimi bento (what he had last time at Nori) LOL. He still wanted raw fish though so I pointed him towards the chirashi don, and that's what he got!! Nori's version was interesting, they chop up the pieces, which makes it alot easier to eat! It's notable that Nori's version doesn't include some of the "deluxe" items found in other chirashis, but it's reasonable given the low price!! There was a good amount of seafood in there though, and the rice was great: "qq" and seasoned with rice vinegar! :D


  1. Great pictures!!! what camera are you using now? The food look soooooo good in this post!

    1. Hehe awe thanks Tracy!! Glad you like em!! :D
      I'm still using the same camera, my nikon d5300 w/ a nikkor 18-140 mm lens, I've just gotten alot better at taking pictures lol! :D


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