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  I haven't had pizza in AGES. Ages as in (what feels like) 2 months ago at Trattoria. So it was about time I got some pizza in my system again.

  The weather was so nice yesterday - so I spent a few hours exploring Main St!! There's so many awesome restaurants along Main that I had the hardest time deciding. Hawkers? Trafiq? Solly's? The Fish Counter? East is East? SO MANY CHOICES!! So I eventually settled on Rocky Mountain Flatbread - because I was craving something carby hehe!

  I've been trying to avoid dairy lately (for the sake of my skin) so I ordered my pizza without cheese.
You're taking the SOUL out of pizza Selina!!! I know, I knoww - that would be like taking the milk - out of a milkshake!! But they still managed to make my pizza taste awesome!! ;)

  Oh - I just thought of something: Am I the only weird person who likes to deconstruct my pizzas? I like scraping off the toppings and I eat the crust separately. I do that to my sandwiches too. But halfway through the sandwich I'll start eating like a normal person again haha - because to me, the ingredients taste different when they're combined versus when you eat them separately!! Or is that all in my head? ;)

  Rocky Mountain has an awesome lunch special where you can get any of their flatbread pizzas + a soup or salad (or both) for $12-$15!! Pretty good considering the pizzas are $10-13 on their own! So I got one of their soup combos, and it ending up being a really filling meal!

  This place is super family friendly - they even have a play area for kids - but they also have beer on tap for us adults ;)  (I don't drink though LOL) They hold a ton of events - pizza making tutorials (uh, sign me up! ) -and classes where they teach you how to grow your own sustainable garden!!

Soup of the Day - Roasted Potato, Leek, Garlic
3/5 stars
 Woww - the garlic in this was STRONG. So strong that it burned the back of my throat LOL. It was still good though - if you like garlic! Definitely not the thing to order if you're on a hot date ;) 
The soup had a nice consistency, not too thick or watery, and I could definitely taste the leek. It also came with two pieces of garlic flatbread - which was served warm!

Apple Chicken Pizza $11.95
   4/5 stars
  Even though my pizza was cheeseless - there was no absence of flavours!! The apples imparted a wonderfully sweet flavour and the  rosemary lemon flavour was really strong! The combination of flavours worked really well together - and their housemade pesto was the cherry on top!! The flatbread itself was pretty moist, not too dry, and a bit springy.

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  1. Your parents dropped you off and left you along Main St. for hours ? Um ...... did they come back ? ;-)

    Next time, also try Trilussa, excellent Roman-style rectangular pizzas:

    1. LOL *how embarrassing* that was part of my rough draft!! But I accidentally published it lol!! I thought that part was too boring so I cut it out!

      I've tried Trilussa!! Very solid indeed!!



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