Shanghai Gourmet - Aberdeen!!

  Yayy...another new stall for me to try in Aberdeen!! You just gotta love asian food courts...they're a personal weakness of mine hehe. 2 years ago when I first started hanging out in Richmond I would frequent the Aberdeen food court every week! :D

  I love trying out new stalls, in the hopes that I'll find another hidden gem! Once in a while you find a diamond in the rough, like last week when I tried out Szehuan House (which was pretty awesome!)

  When I was going to the washroom I noticed the spot that Vera's had previously occupied was replaced with a sign saying "Strike" Coming Soon. Wait...Strike, as in, the Taiwanese restaurant Strike? I guess we'll just have to wait and see! 
  I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to open up a food stall though, but they would be competing directly against Yougo Chicken, the only other Taiwanese stall in Aberdeen!! 

  Shanghai Gourmet is actually a rebranded Shanghai Shanghai, they switched owners!! The menu is still pretty much the same, but the food quality's definitely changed. Shanghai Shanghai actually had some semi decent xiao long bao!! Read my blog post about Shanghai Shanghai here:

 But Xu's Wonton's House in Crystal Mall still holds the "Best food court XLB" crown imo haha!! So when I saw that Shanghai Gourmet had XLB, of course I had to order it, just so I could compare, and was a huge letdown. :(

They have a ton of different rice cake flavours! :D

Xiao Long Bao 
6 for $5.50
1/5 stars
  These were probably one of the worst XLBs I've ever tried.....even the frozen ones at T&T are better lol. The skin was really doughy and thick, making it really hard to chew. There was barely any soup in it  and the XLB themselves were very bland tasting. It was pretty obvious that these were frozen ones straight from a packet.  

  I was pretty disappointed since Shanghai Shanghai, which formally occupied their spot, had much better XLBs!! I was hoping that Shanghai Gourmet would be up to par, but sadly it wasn't :(

Shanghai Spicy Pork Rice Cake $7
2.5/5 stars
  Thankfully the rice cakes were a lot better haha!! For $7, this was a pretty good deal, and it left me stuffed! :D

  They have a lot of different flavours, so being the indecisive person that I am haha, I asked the girl working there which one she would recommend! She recommended that I go with their spicy pork version, so that's what I ordered!

  The rice cakes were pretty decent, chewy, *qq* and flavourful! It was mildly spicy (as requested) with a hint of sesame oil! The sauce drains to the bottom so I dipped the rice pieces in the sauce which gave it a lot more flavour! There was barely any pork in there though, but the amount of rice cakes made up for it!


  1. I cannot wait for strike to open at aberdeen!! but that sign has been up for a long time and I don't even see people working on the stall. Yougo chicken was good but I think it has gone way done recently in quality and quantity.
    you know how the whole Aberdeen food court is always so busy! But that Shanghai place is never busy. I barely ever see anyone go there (thats during peak hours too). I guess theres a reason for that. I mean if its good food I'm sure itll be packed since its the only shanghai place in that food court. I wish the place from crystal mall would open in Aberdeen haha

    1. Hi Alice!! :)

      haha I can't wait for Strike to open either!! Hopefully they'll be open by summer!! :D
      Aw, I haven't had Yougo Chicken in over a half a year, too bad the quality's gone down hill! From what I remember their Taiwanese chicken steaks were pretty yummy!

      lol yep, there's never a lineup at this Shanghainese stall! Mambo Cafe and Bubble Waffle Cafe next door always has a huge lineup!
      hehe it would be awesome if Xu's Wonton House opened a location in Aberdeen, I lovee their xiaolongbao!! :D


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