Shishinori - Brunch!!

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  A few days ago my mum and I went to Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping!! We got hungry afterwards (reading one too many organic labels does that to ya) so the only logical thing to do (obviously) was to go to Shishinori across the street for a mid afternoon "snack" LOL. Yes, we ate brunch food as a snack heheh. Egg Benedict's shouldn't only be reserved for Sunday brunches!! They should start making all day brunch a thing (who's with me?) ;)

  I visited Shishinori half a year ago when they first opened, and they've since added an entire breakfast and sub menu!! Everything on their breakfast menu sounded SO good (see menu pics below), we had the hardest time deciding and we stood outside looking at the menu for a good 10 mins. Wild Salmon Baked Eggs? Real Crabmeat Baked Eggs? Avocado Cream Cheese Wild Salmon?!

  Since it was 4pm in the afternoon, we didn't want to eat anything too heavy because we were going to eat dinner soon, so we shared a wild smoked salmon benny...cause, where else can you eat a benny (on a MATCHA waffle?!) at 4pm in the afternoon?

  The benny only came with one piece (unlike the usual 2 pieces you get) but it wasn't a big deal since we weren't that hungry anyways! :D

They started serving all day breakfast/brunch!! :D

Japanese meets Industrial meets hipster!! :D

Most meals include an iced/hot tea of your choice, or soup + dessert for an additional $2.50!! :D

Wild Smoked Salmon Benny w/ Matcha Waffle $9.50
4/5 stars
  Looks like your ordinary smoked salmon benny right? That's what I thought - until I discovered that there was a MATCHA WAFFLE underneath!!! :D

  It was like opening a christmas present hehe - since they didn't mention it on the menu, so it was totally unexpected!! Can I get all my bennys with a matcha waffle? So much better than a regular ol' english muffin ;) 

  The matcha flavour was super strong, and the waffle itself was a bit too soft (I like crispier waffles) but it was still really yummy!! They also sell individual matcha waffles in their display case!

The hollaindaise was super rich and creamy - and packed a punch in the flavour department! The wild salmon tasted fresh - and worked really well with the other flavours in the benny! The salad that came on your side is Shishinori's signature organic mix, dressed with a tangy, light vinaigrette!

Check out that perfectly runny egg in the back! ;)

I love Shishinori's salads - the dressing they use is super yummy! :D

Lavender White Iced Tea
3.5/5 stars
  This was really refreshing and a great end to our meal!! The lavender flavour was really potent and didn't taste watered down at all! The tea wasn't too bitter either. And the mint was a nice touch! We thought $9.50 for a meal + drink was a pretty good deal!!

Here's a look at their breakfast menu! They even have subs now!! :D



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