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   The love I have for tacos is all too real LOL. It's almost taken over my love for ramen ;)  (Just kidding LOL) Though tacos are a close second on the comfort food scale ;)

  After going to Bao Down for lunch a few days ago - I went straight to Tacofino for "dessert" - well if tacos count as dessert as that is ;)

  Either the baos at Bao Down were too small or I was just that RAVENOUS because I wasn't even that full after consuming 3 baos + 2 tacos LOL. I swear, if if wasn't for food I would be so much richer  #brokebyfood ;)

  Seriously - with all the money I've spent on food I could have easily put towards something more useful - like a mutual fund or a car LOL!!

  Anyways, after having lunch at Bao Down I was about to head home - until I spotted Tacofino's newest location and I just couldn't resist going in for some tacos hehe. It's just a few blocks from the skytrain (super convenient for skytrain riders like me)!! During their soft opening they were only open for dinner - but now they're also open for lunch!! It gets a bit confusing because the front of their store is a "Burrito Bar" (where you can get burritos/tacos for takeout) and the actual restaurant entrance is in the back - in Blood Alley (its not as scary as it sounds haha!) I'm going to do a separate review of Tacofino's Burrito Bar - this review is only for their dine in restaurant! :D

   This place was bumping during lunch hour!! Seating is ample, so I didn't have to wait and got seated right away! The decor is very cool - it almost feels like you're at a hip resort haha!! Whoever they hired to do their branding did a really good job!

  Their lunch menu is pretty small - so if you're looking to try a larger chunk of their menu it would be best to come for dinner!! I didn't really mind though - being the indecisive person that I am lol - a smaller menu helps me narrow down my choices a lot quicker so I don't take 20 mins to order!! ;)

Enter through Blood Alley. It's not as scary as it sounds ;)

How gorgeous is the decor? :D

Can I just live here..please? Then I could eat tacos all day errr day!! ;)

Lamb Birria $6

4/5 stars

  The lamb was delicious!! Super tender, not gamey at all, and full of flavour!! The spices were super potent, and the onions/pickle helped brighten up the flavours! The entire thing was pretty soggy though, since the lamb was so moist, and it was also pretty oily on the bottom haha. So eat it quick, before the oil soaks through the taco shell!! But flavour wise, so good!! The taco itself was pretty large, twice the size of the ones from La Taqueria!!

Fish Taco $6

3.5/5 stars

How could I not try one of their famous fish tacos? It didn't disappoint. Probably takes the cake as one of the "best" fish tacos I've tried in Van! But fish tacos in general aren't my favourite - I prefer marinated ones haha!! The taco shell wasn't too flimsy and had just the right elasticity. The fish was perfectly crunchy - but had just a touch too much batter for my liking. The batter was still pretty "airy" though - and the fish was pretty moist! The salsa was really tangy and balanced out the heaviness of the fried fish!!

I really like the font they used LOL!! I'm a font geek ;)

Aw that glowing taco sign is too cute!! 

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  1. such a contrast between the exterior and interior. O_O

    1. haha I know right!! That's what I love about it!! ;D


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