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  Last summer I was really into bubble tea. As evidenced by my fascination with Bubble Queen here:
My Epic Review of Bubble Queen - 21 items!!

Yea, those were the days. Summer lovin', hip swaying, with the sun on my back...sipping on a cup of boba tea. #takemebacktomyglorydays
  When I was naive enough to think that I could get away with drinking one every other day LOL. Thankfully I stopped before things got out of hand! ;)

  Over the past year I've become a lot more health conscious (okay not really) and I've come to realize that filling my body with mysterious coloured powder - not that kind of powder!! ;)
isn't the best idea hahahaha. So that's why I haven't been drinking bubble tea that often; but since the weathers finally starting to warm up, how could I not ring in the season with a celebratory cup of boba? ;)

  The BBT Shop just opened up not too long ago, in the parking lot of Superstore!! Don't laugh LOL!!
That parking lot is what *roast pork* dreams are made of. It's the home of HK BBQ Master - which makes some of the BEST Cantonese BBQ in the GVR. And Paul's Kitchen (an HK cafe), Furuko Sushi, and now, the BBT Shop!!

  The BBT Shop is pretty similar to Bubble Queen, but my heart still belongs to Bubble Queen hehe. The BBT Shop also does Candy Bar Slushes: Ferroro Rocher, Lindor, Oreo, Matcha slushes, etc. They also do bubble waffles, but the waffles here are alot fancier, you can get "premium" egg waffles with toppings added on top - something that Bubble Queen doesn't offer!!

    At every place I go to (be it a restaurant or a cafe), I always ask for my drinks to be made without ice. I find that the ice dilutes the taste haha. It takes me really long to finish my drinks, so if I add ice to it, by the time I'm halfway through, it'll start tasting like water haha! So that's why I always ask for my drinks sans ice! :D

Their impressive display of oreos facing the windows haha! Bubble Queen also does something similar! 

Lavender Coconut Milk Tea w/ Pearls $4.75

3.5/5 stars
  This was actually a special request!! They don't use coconut milk to make their milk teas (they use coffee mate) but I asked if they could because I'm allergic to Coffee mate lol!! The first time I went they said they couldn't do it, but this time a different girl made my order and she said that she could!! So I guess it depends on who's working that day haha.

  This was pretty good! The lavender flavour actually worked surprisingly well with the coconut!! It was just the right sweetness, and the lavender flavour wasn't too overpowering. Since it was made with coconut milk the drink was more on the watery side - but I didn't mind!! They gave me a ton of pearls (you can tell from the picture) and the pearls were nicely done; qq, chewy, and perfectly cooked!!

Real Grapefruit Tea - Half Sweet $5.95
*excuse my awkward hand lol*

3.5/5 stars

  Their real grapefruit tea is #3 on their top 10 drink list!! This was pretty pricey though haha - but price aside, it was really good! The grapefruit flavour was really strong, and even though I asked for half sweet - it was still flavourful without being cloyingly sweet! It was fizzy too (maybe they shook it too much?) You can tell they used real grapefruit because there was grapefruit particles floating around in the drink haha!! Would I order this again? Probably not - considering I can probably make the same thing at home for a quarter of the price haha!

For my health's sake I decided against ordering a bubble waffle LOL!! No more empty calories for me!! ;)
(Who have you turned into Selina?!)

(Click to Enlarge)
Their top 10 list makes ordering alot easier!! #8 & #10 sounds SO good, but super indulgent hehe. 

So many choices!! :D

They also have shelves displaying asian nicknacks lol!!

*Stuff asians love* ;)

I was impressed that they had a bottle of real cane syrup on their counter - for those of you with a sweet tooth!! ;D

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  1. their bubble waffles are seriously everywhere on instagram.. really have to go there asap. D:

    1. lol ikr, they're so hyped up on instagram!! They just recently came out with a bubble waffle parfait haha!! :D
      Don't forget to hit up HK BBQ Master beforehand, but save room for dessert!! ;)


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