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  Last week when I went to Bao Down I spotted the Sardine Can - right beside Bao Down!! The giant Sardine Can by the door totally caught my eye haha!! So I made a mental note to check them out. And since I was in Gastown yesterday (I'm there so often lol) I decided to pop in to the Sardine Can for some mid morning tapas bites!! (because eating tapas dishes at 11 am is totally normal)

  I was going to go to L'Abattoir for brunch instead, but I didn't feel like spending twenty dollars on a benny...but I still ended up spending the same amount of money at the Sardine Can lol (So much for saving money!!)

  I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to Spanish food. But thankfully I had my trusty yelp app with me hehe. If it wasn't for Urbanspoon/Yelp, I would be completely in the dark about what to order!!

  All the dishes at the Sardine Can are tapas style dishes - meaning that all the dishes are meant for sharing!! They do have a few entree type dishes though, like their Paella and Amoz Con Pollo, but all of their other dishes are small plates meant to be shared!! The dishes are a bit pricey, so don't expect to get full off of two dishes if you're eating alone (like me) *sniffsniff*

  There were only 2 staff members in the entire restaurant, the owner, and the chef!! The restaurant itself is super tiny, with only a few tables and bar seats!

So yum!! :D

Toastas de sardinas (Smoked Sardines on Toast) $8.25

3.5/5 stars
  How could I not order sardines at a place called "The Sardine Can?" LOL. This was really yummy and totally lived up to their namesake! Definitely a great dish to whet your appetite! This came with 6 pieces, so it would be a ideal starter if you're with friends! I'm not a huge fan of sardines, but I really liked this. It wasn't fishy tasting at all and the sardines were really fragrant. The bread was really crunchy too, but not to the point where it was rock hard.The olive oil soaked through the bread and mixed really well with the other flavours!

Estutado de pulpo (Octopus, Potato and Chorizo Casserole) $11

3.5/5 stars

  This was actually my first time eating Spanish stew, and it was pretty awesome hehe. The entire dish was pretty spicy, but still tolerable (even for me...I have a low tolerance for spicy foods haha.)  The chorizo was really tasty, after I was done I wanted more!! The potatoes were well cooked by not mushy, and the octopus had a pleasant chewy texture that made it easier to chew. The sprinkle of orgegano made the dish really fragrant! The olives imparted a extra layer of flavour.

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  1. Quite often, people poke fun at Chinese restaurants because the menus read funny if you happen to be an English speaker only. In my case, being also a Spanish speaker, I find it funny this restaurant messed up some of the Spanish words (unless, of course, they were using Galician, Catalan, Asturian, et al, which are regional languages in Spain, in which case is a completely different story). These include:

    Estofado: This is the correct spelling, not estufado (as in the menu, unless they were writing Portuguese for this one word in the menu) or estutado (as written in the blog post). Also, "estofado" translate to stew, not casserole.
    Españoles: In the menu, it reads "Diablos espagnoles". The "ñ" is a unique Spanish character. I make exception of this, as it was used in another item in the menu: Champiñones.
    Several instances of diacritic: This is a nitpicky thing in Spanish written language. If you don't use it because you don't know the keyboard combination, most people will be flexible about it and will give you some leeway. However, once you use it, I sort of expect you use it all over - correctly, that is. In this case, they have "espárragos" but not so in albóndigas, calabacín, salchichón, atún, et al.
    Atún Crudo: "Technically" it just translates into "raw tuna". The funny thing is that they wrote the English side wrong as well. It ought to be tuna tartare.
    Tarta: I will give them certain allowance to this one. Technically, in Spanish, "tarta" usually refers to a sweet tart, not a savoury one, though my Spanish teachers will call it an "anglicismo" (i.e., English influenced word), in the sense they are using it to refer to a savoury dish.

    Nothing wrong with your post, just that I smirked when I read the mispelling in the octopus dish and then noticed the rest of the errors in the menu. Which, again, unless you happen to be a Spanish reader, that's not something you will even notice. Ah, details, details!

    1. Hi Kim!! :D

      Wow - thanks for the thorough rundown, I find Spanish fascinating ~ I would love to learn the language one day!!
      Non spanish speakers would have never noticed the spelling errors, thanks for pointing them out!! :D
      Yep, on the menu they had the Estofado as a Casserole, so I surprised when they brought out a stew!! I still enjoyed it though! :D
      Maybe we should tell the manager about this so he can correct the spelling on the menus haha! :)

    2. Compared to the messed up language that is English (once again, multi-language speakers will easily vouch for it), Spanish is easier to learn as it is more structured. Except for some really specific homonyms, there are seldom confusions in how it is written or read. What might throw some people off is the excessive use of regionalisms from some speakers. In the end, I am not implying learning an additional language is easy. You will still have to put a lot of effort if you choose. And, reminding you of your Chinese card here, good luck with the double "r"! Do a Youtube search for "perro" or "arroz" which are dog and rice in Spanish.

      But, back to the menu, choose your fights. Even if you point out the errors, chances are they will shrug it off. After all, >95% of their clientele won't even notice them, as they will most likely be only glancing the English side. Ignorance is indeed bliss. Either that or they have more important things to worry about. After all, this is restaurant business.

      Anyway, have fun in your food adventures.

    3. I recently was on the website of Pink Peppercorn Seafood House and read several references they wrote about themselves in "Vancouver WA". I was confused at first, then chuckled seeing what has happened. I called them up, asked for the manager, and simply told him what I saw. He was very appreciate of the correction and laughed about it. The next week I checked again, all the errors were corrected:

    4. @KimHo Thanks Kim!! :D
      And you're right haha, they'll probably shrug it off since it's not that important!!


      lol Vancouver, Washington!! You have such a sharp eye! Good thing they corrected it, it would've confused a lot of people haha!


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