The Twisted Fork Bistro - Awesome Brunch!!

  Going for brunch at least once a week has pretty much become a "tradition" of sorts :D Hey, I can't help it alright? ;)  There's something about brunch that makes it SO much better than breakfast and lunch hehe. Maybe it's the perfectly poached eggs, or the toast, or just the smell of coffee in general that gets my senses tingling!

  I mean, who doesn't like brunch? That would be like hating rainbows...or bunnies. And that would just be completely absurd now wouldn't it?  ;)

  I've been hearing things about how The Twisted Fork "supposedly" has the BEST benny in Van. Pretty bold claim considering that almost every other restaurant has a benny haha!! 

  My mom's pretty new to the whole brunch thing, so I decided to introduce her to Vancouver's awesome brunch scene with a trip to the Twisted Fork Bistro - rated #1 on Yelp for brunch!! :D
  The Twisted Fork is located in Granville's Entertainment District, a few steps away from The Templeton (another local favourite for brunch!!)

   I had to take my plate to the front door to take a photo LOL because it was really dark inside (which was really embarrassing) I always have this irrational fear that I'll trip or drop the plate on the floor but thankfully that hasn't happened yet LOL! :D

Benny w/ Pork Cumberland Sausage, Hollandaise on Brioche Toast $13
w/ Sautéed Spinach, Rosti, Baked Beans on the side

Mom's rating: 4.5/5 stars
  My mom gave this plate a SHOCKING 4.5 stars!! I wasn't surprised though, because I've been hearing people rave about their benny!! The benny looked pretty small in size but it was actually really filling.

  My mom's description:
  I could eat bowls of their hollandaise sauce with plain rice!! (She did end up asking for more sauce haha!) It was so creamy, silky, and flavourful!! The toast was delicious, it was crunchy around the edges, but bouncy and soft on the inside!! The sausage was heavy on the spices and texture wise, very appealing. The eggs were perfectly poached and runny too!

Sides that came with the benny!!

My mom's ratings:

Beans: 4.5/5 stars
Rosti: 2/5 stars
Spinach: 4.5/5 stars

  Mom's comments:
The beans were marvellous!! Sweet, smooth, with a bit of tartness! Very yummy indeed. The spinach was really heavy on the garlic, but tasted exactly like chinese garlic spinach! I found the rosti to be average though, it just tasted like salt. 

Spicy Sausage Frittata w/ Sautéed Kale, Sweet Potato, Feta, Caramelized Onions and Sweet Corn Relish $13

3.5/5 stars

  I really enjoyed my spicy sausage frittata!! It didn't look like much, but it was delicious!! The frittata itself was actually pretty large and really thick. I could taste every ingredient in the dish, the sweetness of the potato, the caramelized onions, the freshness of the kale! There were bits of chorizo scattered throughout the frittata, but it wasn't all that spicy, it actually tasted smokey to me! The sweet corn was awesome paired with the other flavours, it was really tart and heavy on the vinegar!

Asiago Scones $4

Mom's rating:
4.5/5 stars

  These little puppies were DELICIOUS!! Crunchy on the outside, but deliciously moist on the inside! The asiago flavour hits you in the face...hard!! Super indulgent but totally worth the calories, and the extra $4 hehe. It also came with some house made raspberry jam on the side, which was pleasantly tart, and whipped cream, which wasn't too sweet! :D

They had a door hanging by the door LOL!

Check out their full brunch menu here:

haha the twisted fork thing above their bar is so cool!! :D

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  1. props to you for taking the plate to the front for better lighting, i don't think i'll ever be brave enough to do that. (; the food looks absolutely delicious!

    1. hehe Thanks Rachel!! Oh, the things I do for my blog ;)
      It was embarrassing at first, but I got over it lol!! Good photos are totally worth the embarrassment! ;)
      The food was so yummy!! You should try it out!! But don't go on the weekends haha, there's always a huge lineup!! :)

    2. i have so many places on my list to tackle after exams are over! (aka my motivation to study hehe. :3)

    3. Aw good luck with your exams Rachel!! Go get 'em As!! ;)


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