Beautiful Island Taiwanese Restaurant

   Every few weeks I crave taiwanese food!! Hey, I can't help it okay, it's in my blood! I'm half taiwanese afterall! ;)  Thankfully there's no shortage of awesome taiwanese restos in Van - there's Kalvin's (one of my favs!), Pearl Castle, Dinesty, Bubble World, Maji, Sunway etc, just to name a few haha!! 

  My dad and I actually go to Pearl Castle every week now LOL - I've already tried like 15 or so dishes on their menu (I'm waiting until I accumulate more until I do another blog post!) We alternate between Tengoku Sushi and Pearl Castle on the days we stay at home haha :D

  One place that doesn't get much attention is Beautiful Island in South Burnaby, just a few blocks away from Metrotown!! It's kind of hidden in the suburbs near Bonsor, so not a lot of people know about it! This place has been here forever haha - I use to live around there, they've changed owners a few times, but there's always been a taiwanese restaurant occupying this spot!! 

 Beautiful Island follows your typical formulae for a taiwanese/bubble tea place LOL, so no surprises here- they have taiwanese set meals, bubble tea, and fried night market snacks!! The prices aren't bad - most of the meals come with a drink and 3 side dishes - similar to Pearl Castle, Corner 23, Bubble World etc!

Complimentary Peanuts
3.5/5 stars

  They served us complimentary peanuts as an appy and it was quite nice - I didn't have any but my mom really enjoyed it!! She said that the peanuts tasted roasted and had a strong cilantro flavour!! 

Taiwanese Oyster Omelette
4/5 stars

  A Taiwanese classic!! Pretty sure every taiwanese kid grew up eating this haha!! This dish in particular is one of my mom's favourites, so that's why we ordered it!! This version was surprisingly good, it was larger than most of the ones we've tried in Van - it was quite thick and actually the same side as a western style omelette!! The texture was right - it was glutinous without being too sticky and held together all of the contents without breaking! There was a decent amount of oyster in there,and the sauce was tangy and sweet, as expected!

Red Fermented Yeast Pork
1/5 stars

  This was so disappointing. This wasn't even taiwanese red fermented pork lol!! It was basically cantonese char siu...that was fried around the edges. And it was really dry haha - my mom had to ask for extra sauce!! Flavour wise it was okay, it tasted like char siu. If you're looking for an awesome version of red fermented pork, try the one at Kalvin's Szechuan Restaurant and Pearl Castle!! The side dishes were decent though - it came with some cabbage and a boiled egg on the side!

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