Belgard Kitchen - Amazing brunch!!

   Sundays only mean one thing: Brunch!! Church and then brunch (the two go quite well together dontcha think?) ;D

  I've been slowly eating my way through Vancouver's best brunch spots - and I still have a ton on my list haha (it never ends!!) Why can't brunch be a weekday thing? It would make getting out of bed so much easier ;)
Not alot of places do weekday brunches - which means I always have to wait until the weekend for brunch - But at least I have something to look forward to all week hehe! :D

   So I've heard amazing things about Belgard's brunch - and it didn't disappoint!! Belgard is located in Railtown, a few blocks away from the heart of Gastown, near Ask for Luigi!!
  The place was bustling during brunch!! I was seated at the bar, and it was actually pretty comfy :D I usually don't like sitting at the bar because there's no back on the seats, but the chairs at Belgard were actually really comfortable...which made my meal that much more enjoyable!! :)

  I love Belgard's interior, the inside is really bright and spacious, with high ceilings! They even have a cute little seating area with a fireplace and couches!! 

  My waitress was super nice - genuinely nice and not in a fake/waitress like way LOL!! (You know what I mean?) She was so effortlessly mellow and cool - someone I can only wish I was friends with haha!! 

Don't you just love the decor? :D 

  • Salmon Gravlax Hash $14

    house cured sockeye, crispy potatoes, pickled onions, arugula, beet + Postmark IPA puree, poached eggs, smoky onion + parmesan cream
4/5 stars
  This was so yummy!! And the plating was really pretty too hehe! It sounded simple enough on the menu, but it totally exceeded my expectations! All the flavours worked in tandem, the house cured sockeye was brilliant, very fresh and cured perfectly!! The postmark IPA is one of their craft beers, and it worked really well with the other components of the dish. There was also a ton of argula, which tasted really fresh and added a lot of flavour. The eggs were poached perfectly, and the yolk was super runny!

  You may have noticed that my eggs look a little "bland" lol!! That's because I asked for it to be made without parmesan cream!! I didn't miss it though, the dish still had a plethora of amazing flavours and textures!

  There was also 5 huge chunks of crispy potatoes underneath!! The potatoes were soft on the inside, but the skin wasn't as crispy as I would've liked. But it was seasoned really well! :D

Side of Venison Sausage $5
3/5 stars
  I'm such a sucker for sausages for brunch LOL. So I can't help shelling out extra $ for them haha!! These ones were decent, it was a little dry, but full of flavour and really smokey! I also liked how it came in a little jar hehe!

A better view of the sausages haha!

You can check out their full brunch menu here:

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