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  It was SUCH a nice day outside yesterday, and guess what I spent half of the day doing? I spent 4 hours reading Shakespearean sonnets & Tis Pity She’s a Whore (yes, that’s the name of a play)…in the car LOL!! 

My life is so exciting.
  I was studying in my car because everywhere else was too noisy, and I couldn’t concentrate. So there I was, sitting in a parking lot, coped up in my car, with my face shoved in a book. #internetpeopleinreallife

  I’m beginning to hate summer classes. Or just school in general. Okay, I actually like school, I just hate writing tests & doing essays. Today there was a graduation ceremony going on, and I looked on, in total envy as the grads posed for photos in their graduation caps LOL - when will it be my turn? 

  After my hardcore study mesh, my mom and I went to grab some sweets at Nosh, and then we went over to Donair Delight for dinner!! We actually got takeout and ate in the Crystal mall food court  - since my mom thought Donair Delight was too cramped!

  Donair Delight is located in Old Orchard Plaza, beside Subway!! Old Orchard is really close to Metrotown - it's right across from Crystal Mall!! DD is a one man operation! The food does take a while to make, but you can tell he puts a lot of care into making your food! When we went there was a lineup and we had to wait around 10 mins!! 

And yes, I took these photos front of Crystal Mall ;)  A couple passing by was like (in Mandarin) : "What is that girl doing?!" LOL! 

Beef Shawarma Plate $9
3.5/5 stars

  Since I wasn't that hungry, my mom and I shared this!! This was pretty good!! Not the best shawarma, but it was still really yummy haha! The piece was nice and tender, and the sauce packed a bunch; it was creamy, tangy, with a kick of acidity!! The rice on the bottom was a bit wet - probably from the sauce, but the flavours were definitely there! The portion size was really large too, and it came with 4 pieces of pita bread! There was also a large salad on the side, which tasted pretty fresh! :D

Spinach Fatayer with Feta $2
3.5/5 stars

  We also got one of their spinach/feta puff pastries!! They're premade and they have them sitting in the display, along with some samosas, fafalels, and salads!!
  The pastry was quite good, flaky, with interwoven layers!! The cheese was really strong, and the spinach helped balanced out the flavours!!

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  1. The central library (across from Crystal Mall) is great for quiet studying. Otherwise the McGill branch (Willingdon and Albert) is good too.

    1. Agreed, I actually go there a lot! But I was in Richmond yesterday haha - I went to visit my mom in Burnaby in the afternoon! :D

  2. One day I'll bump into you while you eat in Burnaby..! xD And I'll know its you with the camera and foodtography. (; I love donairs so I have to try this place, I just never did because its like underground and dark and seemed a bit creepy ahaha.

  3. One day!! ^^ LOL, my camera's a dead giveaway!!

    It does look a bit sketchy from the outside eh? But that didn't stop me! ;)
    You should try Abdul's BBQ in Crystal Mall - their donairs are really good! :D


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