Finch's Market Cafe - Chinatown!!

  Hi guys!! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday - I’ve been having a lot trouble transferring photos from my camera because my new computer doesn’t have a SD card slot LOL!! I was planning on purchasing a SD Card adaptor but apparently my computer, which uses usb c, isn’t available yet! I was going to transfer the photos directly from my camera - but the usb cable for my dslr broke (perfect timing.) I had to order a new one online - and I'm going to get it by tuesday... so until then I’m going to have to use my old (super slow) compt to type up posts haha!

  Anyways - sorry for rambling!! Back to the post!! :)

  I’m probably the last person to go to Finches haha!! I’m so late hopping on this bandwagon…but better late than never right?  We didn't go to their original location, we went to their Chinatown one - because we happened to be in the area yesterday!! We went to the Pie Shoppe for dessert afterwards hehe...and we also went to Golden Wheat Bakery to try the rice rolls that you guys recommended (which were AWESOME, btw!!) :D

  Finches needs no introduction - they’re famous for their pear brie baguettes and amazing prosciutto!! Finches actually reminds of La Marche St George - right?!! It’s in a little house - in the residential part of Chinatown!! If I lived nearby you would probably find me here every morning!! ;)

  The decor is uber cool - definitely has hipster written all over it!! My dad would definitely approve LOL!! When I was younger I always thought he was really dorky for being a vintage fiend - but now that’s it's become "a thing" I guess he's considered cool now ;)

  I would imagine that this location is a lot less hectic than the downtown location!! Surprisingly calm on a Saturday - the shop was half empty!! The sandwiches did take a while to make - but the girl who brought over our food was super friendly!! The girl at the counter...not so much, she was pretty much stone faced the entire time haha.

  Half of the shop runs like a cafe - the other half operates like a mini grocery store!! They even have a small produce section with fresh fruits and veggies, house made jams and lots of different organic products!! :D

Prosciutto Salad w/ Lettuce, Vine Tomatoes, Boiled Eggs, Olive Oil Vingar & a Baguette! $9.50

3.5/5 stars
  I asked if the veggies were organic, and the girl confirmed that they were, but I still had an allergic reaction to the veggies and I got a rash around my lip :(
…being sensitive to chemicals really sucks!! This is why I never eat salads LOL. (So healthy right?) 
Salad aside…the prosciutto was lovely!! It was really flavourful and the olive oil/vinegar dressing really packed a punch!! The baguette that came on the side is delightfully crunchy and really fresh!! I didn’t have any complaints about the boiled egg that came on the side…I love my eggs! :D

Pear/brie/walnut/prosciutto baguette $9.50

Mom’s Rating:
5/5 stars

  My mom had their signature baguette!! I've been hearing people rave about this sandwich for ages!! Since it had walnuts in it I couldn't try it, but my mom really enjoyed it!

Her words:

  Wow, this is amazing! But I don't think chinese people my age would like the cheese, because it’s really strong!! I really like it though!! The flavours worked together beautifully, the prosciutto was especially delicious!! The sweetness of the pear was a great contrast to the saltiness of the prosciutto and the crunchiness of the walnuts!! The baguette was nice, very crunchy, and soft on the inside! My only complaint? That the portion size was too small!! 

You can check out Finch's full menu online here:

They sell a ton of locally made jam and sauces!!

The tea containers are so pretty hehe!

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