Golden Wheat Bakery - Awesome rice rolls!!

  Last week a few of you guys recommended that I try out Golden Wheat Bakery's famous rice rolls! So after my (not so filling) lunch at Finch's yesterday, and dessert at the Pie Shoppe, my mom and I walked a few blocks over to Golden Wheat in Chinatown!!

  The first thing I saw was their huge, and I mean HUGE Jin Dui (sesame balls) and ham sui gok (fried dumplings!!) So of course I couldn't resist and got myself some hehe!! If the size alone wasn't impressive enough - the ham sui gok was delicious!! Chewy, fragrant, and full of flavour!!

  We also spotted some radish/taro cakes they had dislayed at the front, and we managed to grab the last one!! The lady at the counter said that their radish cakes were really popular and they sell out really fast!!

  Of course we couldn't leave without grabbing a box of their famous cheong fun (rice rolls!!) You guys were SO right!! :D  The rice rolls were amazing!!

  We managed to walk out of there with enough food to feed 4 + people and we only spent $10.50!! The only downside was that there's no seating, so we were planning on taking our food to Chinatown Plaza because they have a food court - but once we got there there was some kind of event going on and it was just way too we ended up going to the Starbucks across the street to eat!! ;)

 On our way to Golden Wheat we passed by Kent's Kitchen and my mom got all nostalgic LOL (she use to come here a lot with my dad) and she was like "Wow, Kent's looks exactly the same!! It hasn't changed in 20 years!!"

Cheong Fun - Beef Rice Rolls $2.50
4/5 stars
They're not the same as the ones you find at dim sum with the beef filling wrapped inside the roll, rather, they beef is interwoven into each layer - so you get a ton of meat in each bite - how they're traditionally made in Guangzhou!! The rice rolls were super tender - and the portion size was so large that we couldn't finish it!! For $2.50 - it was a complete steal!!

These photos were taken outside across the street from Golden Wheat, the previous photo was taken inside Starbucks...on a log LOL!! Do you like the background? ;)

Lo Bak Gao (Turnip Cake w/ Taro) $4.50
3/5 stars
  This was huge!! This came with 4 pieces - and by the second piece, we were already completely stuffed lol!! The turnip cake itself was super thick - twice the thickness of the ones at dim sum! These ones were also "wetter" in texture, and not as dry, but it was loaded with a ton of turnip and taro pieces!! Pan frying them would have made them even better!!

Jin Dui (Sesame Ball w/ Red Bean filling)
It looks so tiny in the picture, but its huge in person haha!!

2.5/5 stars
  This was pretty decent as well!! Although these can never replace the freshly baked ones at dim sum (nothing better than a warm jin dui!!) this was still pretty tasty!! There was ample sesame on the ball, and the ball itself was fairly uniform in shape!! There was a lot of mushy red bean paste inside, which wasn't too sweet!

Ham Sui Gok 2 for $1.50
3/5 stars
  This was really yummy!! I'm such a sucker for chewy things hehe. The dough wasn't thick, but not hard, and really easy to chew!! The filling was moist and flavourful with a strong mushroom essence!! The exterior was really crunchy and a great contrast to the soft interior! Great as a snack hehe - but really filling! 

Perfectly chewy! :D

Our fancy setup at starbucks!! ;)

We also got a venti Very Berry Hibiscus to wash it all down!! I was surprised they put real blackberries in this lol!! Not bad Starbucks, not bad!! ;)

Check out those MASSIVE pieces of jin dui, red bean pastries, and ham sui gok!! *drool*

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  1. Glad you took my recommendation. Sun Fresh Bakery also has similar style rice rolls but about half the amount as Golden Wheat for about the same price. The pics are a little misleading since the container is pretty deep. The bakery may also be a little unfriendly to non-Chinese since there is no English signage and not sure if the staff speak English. The rice rolls are usually on the counter beside the cash register.

    1. Yayy thanks so much for the rec Anon!! It was SO good hehe! So glad I found this place - thanks to you guys!! :D

      The container was so deep! I was surprised at how much they managed to pack in there!! At first it doesn't look like much, but once you dig in, you realize just how much food there is!! haha I had to ask for the rice rolls because I didn't see them on the counter!! :D

  2. I was in Guangdong during spring break and this is what I ate everyday! Gosh, I sure miss it. ._. Jin dui's are my fave!

    1. hehe aren't jin dui's just the best? My favourite ones are the ones with the sesame paste good!! :D
      I read your travel posts on your blog - the pictures made me drool LOL!! So much yummy food!! Whenever I go to asia I eat SO much haha, twice as much as I usually do in Van!!
      Is your family from Guangdong? My dad's from Guangdong!! :D

    2. ahaha i'm happy to hear that. (; i like the classic red bean hehe but when they're freshly fried, i actually really like the long ones with no filling. so crispy and chewy mmm. i swear my appetite tripled when i was in china, i ate like 7 gigantic meals a day LOL. way more than the adults! and yup, both my parents are from Guangdong. :D


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