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  Summer school started on Monday. I’m so rusty after my 5 month long hiatus!! In my linguistics class yesterday for a second I forgot what an adjective was LOL!! *Get yourself together Selina!!*

  Yea, and getting up at 7pm is pretty painful - especially since I don’t drink coffee, so you can imagine how difficult it is LOL!! And let’s not mention the horrid campus food ;)

   Fridge burnt sushi and premade sandwiches aside…there are actually a *few* decent places to grab food on campus…Great Dane being one of them!! Yesterday I ate lunch at Great Dane - Great Dane is one of the nicer coffee shops on campus, and doesn’t have that whole “student vibe” haha, you know what I mean? It actually looks like a coffee shop you would find in Yaletown or Gastown (and makes me feel like I'm there!!) The inside is bright and airy, perfect for resting up between classes or doing a bit of surfing on the web (they have free wifi!) 

  They have a ton of yummy pastries: huge scones, muffins, amazing brownies, biscottis and a bunch of sandwich options!! They’re also really well known for their coffee (but I’m not a coffee drinker so I wouldn’t know) 

  I actually didn’t eat lunch today because I didn’t have time, at 10 pm I ran into my sociology class with a lemon loaf & a strawberry smoothie from Merchante, so by lunch I wasn’t even hungry haha!!

Their menu is really simple! :)

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich $8

3/5 stars
  This wasn’t half bad!! I asked them to omit the cheese and the spinach because I’m allergic to raw veggies!! So my sandwich was pretty bare lol, but it was still decent!! The bread was freshly toasted and chewy, and it was stuffed with a few slices of smoked turkey breast and cranberry sauce!! The cranberry sauce was more sweet than tart, but it went with the turkey. Pretty pricey, but okay for what it is! :) 

Gluten Free Brownie $3.50
4/5 stars

   I couldn’t believe  I was eating this on campus LOL! Definitely bakery worthy.I also couldn’t believe that it was gluten free!!  The brownie was SO moist!! And I mean melt-in-your-mouth moist!! It was subtly sweet, and the rocksalt on top added that extra layer of flavour!! I would definitely come back for this hehe. The brownie itself was huge and I was really full after!!  

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  1. Huh. I'm on campus every day, and I never noticed this place (although it's kind of on the faaaaar side of campus from me). Did it take over the location of the Bread Garden?

    PS. Now that you're back on campus, you should go to Keorner's Pub and get their burger! Sooo good, and close to Buchanan if that's where your classes are!

    1. Hi Food Wench!! :D

      Yayy thanks for the recommendation!! mmm that burger sounds delish!! I just read your blog post about it, so awesome that they serve it medium without you having to ask haha!! I have one class near Buchanan - I'll definitely try out their burger, and their pork belly sliders hehe...they look like mini gua baos!! :D

      You should give Great Dane a try - let me know how you like it!! Not a lot of people know about it because it's located off to the side behind a building haha!!

      Where do you usually eat on campus? :)

  2. I will definitely eventually get around to trying Great Dane. Mercante is on my list of places to visit on campus as well. And that one I have no excuse for not going to, since it's much closer to my building!

    I actually try pretty hard not to eat on campus (I know - what's wrong with me?!), but when I do the place I go to the most often is Mahony's. But that's really more related to the fact that it's the only place you can get good wine. :P

    If you've never been to Only U Cafe in the village, I would also recommend that. They do everything from sandwiches to burgers to chicken pot pies, and they're not too pricey. They're also one of the few sit down places on campus.

    1. haha I'm the same!! I usually eat off campus because the food's so much better and there's more of a selection!!

      I've tried Only U! If I recall correctly I had a veggie burger haha! I've heard good things about their brunch!

      I'm planning on trying Mercante or Mahony's soon!! But I'm saving it for a day when I'm stuck on campus!! :D

    2. There's a Biercraft now (new village at Wesbrook/16 Ave). Known for their 6 types of steamed mussels :-D

    3. I think I've passed by before haha!! I just looked at their menu, all the different flavours sound soo good!! Have you tried any of them? :D

    4. Yeah IIRC I've tried all except the Thai and the Normande

  3. I've made it out to the Biercraft on campus a handful of times now, but I prefer Mahony's (they're more centrally locate, and they have a better wine selection - always an important factor for me).

    Having said that, their Normande mussels are my favorite item on the entire menu at Biercraft.The sauce is super rich and creamy, and the green apple, bacon, and mushrooms pair beautifully together. I've actually never had mussels like it.

  4. What? Campus food is decent from when I was there from 06-2010. blue chip cookies so good!
    The Pendulum also really good! Burger bar in basement of SUB was also really good!

    I never liked Mahoney's much Food me, it wasn't worth the premium price.
    I remember going to The Village to the Mongolian grill in the food court in the basement too, even though it was really quite greasy.

    1. Hehe blue chip cookies is so good, especially their marbelous cookie!! (I'll have to blog about them soon haha!!) I've actually never tried the burger bar in the SUB lol, and they're closed now for summer! I'll definitely have to go when they reopen in Sept!! :D

      I think the Pendulum moved because of construction!! Ohh, I'll definitely check out Mongolian Grill - I don't mind greasy food sometimes!! ;D

      Thanks for the awesome recs Joey - now I won't have to travel off campus so often for food!! :D


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